Are the schools going to open or not? Here’s all the states have decided

October 15, 2020

Are the schools going to open or not? Here’s all the states have decided

The education ministry has passed the orders stating that the schools should be allowed to open from 15th October. Different states have different opinions for the same and the parents are in a dilemma about what must be their next step.

The Unlock 5 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs have allowed the reopening of schools, colleges and educational institutions in non-containment zones from 15 October. This was subject to the SOs and guidelines set by the state governments that would take local requirements-based decisions.

Various states have taken various decisions. As recommended by the MHA in the Unlock 4 guidelines, some states went ahead by reopening schools on a voluntary basis for classes 9 to 12 from September 21 alone.

A few other states are now reopening schools, while some have postponed them so that cases of Covid-19 do not increase immediately.

Here’s a quick rundown of decisions made by different states


  • The government of Delhi has decided that the schools will not be allowed to open till 31st October 


  • The schools will not be allowed to open anytime soon. 

Uttar Pradesh

  • The government has decided to open the school from 9th to 12th but that also on grading basis in the non-containment zones from October 19. Classes would be conducted in shifts and all safety procedures for Covid-19 would be preserved.

West Bengal

  • CM Mamata Banerjee said that schools in the state will not be reopened in the immediate future and a decision will be taken only after the November 14 Kali Puja.


  • The government of Punjab has decided to reopen schools and coaching institutions in a graded manner from October 15. Online classes can begin, but with parental permission, students in classes 9 to 12 will go to school.

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