Dilemma Over Mathematics CBSE Decision 2020

September 03, 2019

Dilemma Over Mathematics CBSE Decision 2020

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently announced that they will be allowing students to choose two examinations for mathematics. The former being of the conventional difficulty called ‘Standard Mathematics’ and the latter being a much easier paper called ‘Basic Mathematics’.

With the registrations already open most students are still confused over the choice that they have. It is, however, music to the ears of the students who were always frightened to the core by mathematics. The students who want to continue studying mathematics in higher classes (11th and 12th) must opt for standard mathematics while the ones who want to get this subject done with for good should opt for the basic mathematics option.

CBSE Latest Updates 2020

This was announced by the board s they wanted to reduce the difficulty for the subject so that the non-aspirants of the subject can have a better score but also made sure that the current exams that the students will be giving will be the same as the level of standard mathematics and no drastic changes will be made in the subjects with that regard.

It was also made clear that there will be no dilution of the syllabus but just the difficulty of the examination so that the students don’t get perplexed and if a student wants to study the subject in 11th and 12th he will have to appear in the subject after registering for basic mathematics the student will have to give the standard mathematics compartment exam which will take place in July. 

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