Final Decision for IGNOU Examinations Expected by 21st July

July 18, 2020

Final Decision for IGNOU Examinations Expected by 21st July

Thousands of students at Indira Gandhi National Open University have been desperately waiting for an update on their examination status. Turns out, this wait may be soon over as an official of IGNOU recently revealed that a council meeting is scheduled for the 21st of July, and that’s when the decision will be taken for the same. IGNOU management is under pressure to make a decision since waiving off the examinations would require them to promote all students to the next semester.

As for the final year students, IGNOU has decided to comply with the latest guidelines issued by UGC on Thursday. IGNOU issued a notification to the final year students stating that the final year exams would be held during the first week of September. As for the non-final year students, the general consensus states that the exams might be cancelled, however the official stated that waiving off the exams may not be wise for IGNOU since it is an open university. IGNOU generally allows promotion to the next year if all previous years’ exams have been cleared. This allows IGNOU students more time to complete their degrees which is wise since a majority of their students are already employed.

The official stated that term-end examinations are usually conducted biannually which makes the exam waiving scenario a lot more complicated. They usually have term-end exams in December and June, so it gets complicated to decide for whom these should be waived off.

Besides the technicalities mentioned above, the official mentioned that it could get harder to maintain the credibility of their degrees if exams are completely waived. All these factors will be considered when the council members make the decision.


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