Panjab University not to hold exams

July 31, 2020

Panjab University not to hold exams

One of the top universities, Panjab University (PU) has taken a drastic measure regarding its exams i.e. to not hold them for intermediate classes. The decision has been taken over the account of the risk involved for the spread of the COVID-19 infection. PU has prepared a model to judge and promote the intermediate students and to avoid exams where the risk of spread is significantly high. The model PU has decided to promote its student, headed by the special committee lead by Navdeep Goyal, the results of the students will be decided on the internal assessment and the results obtained in the previous semesters. The result will be compiled by adding both the results for students of undergraduate, postgraduate, and pre-PhD courses.

The committee is in talks with the chairperson of the University School of Open Learning (USOL) regarding the methods to promote the students.

However, the topic of physical examination regarding the final year students and those who have failed in the first/second year is yet to be discussed with regard to declaring their results in the next meeting of the committee.

For the intermediate sessions of postgraduate and undergraduate students, online classes will be held which will start from August 3rd while for the Fresher the date proposed to start the classes will be September 1st.

Navdeep Goyal and his special committee have made the decision regarding the admissions and final examinations. The committee has issued the guidelines for the online classes where the teaching time is limited to just 4 hours a day. That will observe either 5 lectures of 45 mins each or 4 lectures of an hour each. A special time would be given to students and faculty members where queries will be discussed, most probably from 3 pm to 4 pm. This period will be used as a consultation and tutorial period.

Students will be required to fill an undertaking which will ensure that the platform of online education is not abused for personal gains as well as no lecture is recorded.

The committee has provided faith that the workload of the teachers is distributed, and they can add temporary faculty as well as guest faculty. The guidelines of MHA will be followed during the course of online classes.

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