The Beginning of an “Equitable” Society with the New Education Policy

December 31, 2020

The Beginning of an “Equitable” Society with the New Education Policy


The New Education Policy replaced the previous National Policy on Education. It was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29 July 2020. It is a vision that aims to change the whole education system of India for the benefit of the students. It targets to cover the primary education provided by the schools as well as the higher education provided by the colleges. It visualizes that the Indian education system will provide equitable knowledge to all and the society will be enriched by high-quality education. But how will it create an equitable society?

Dr. K Kasturirangan, chairman of the committee that drafted the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, on 17th December 2020 stated that this policy will make sure that it will touch the citizens’ lives and will create an equitable society. He also added that this policy has a flexible approach for the education system and is aligned with the 21st Century goals. The education policy released a blend of subjects that can be studied together. And the language for studies will also be beneficial for the students as it would emphasize the mother tongue. The concept of ‘liberal education’ is also introduced again through this policy where a student can learn science and humanities, physics and music, etc. together. It not only broadens the area of education but also creates a society where human endeavors will be studied. So, this New Education Policy definitely initiates the beginning of an equitable society.

Author: Sayantika Mondal

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Ritwika Biswas

Glad to come across this article enhancing the new education policy! Very informative indeed.

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