All about Distance MBAs from IIMs in India

December 08, 2022

All about Distance MBAs from IIMs in India


Indian Institute of Management Studies is the most reputed and renowned institute for pursuing MBA in India. The institute provides numerous courses and made a huge name with its academic excellence in the last so many years. Several students get placed through their on-campus placement drives and are doing wonders in their respective fields. All the national and international companies hire candidates from IIM and offer them great salary packages. But when it comes to Distance Learning MBA Program, all the IIMs do not provide an option to study distance MBA. Therefore, those who go for the same can opt for diploma or certification level courses. In these courses, students are allowed to attend only a few classes and they don’t need to visit the college daily. 

The IIMs provide multiple Executive Management Programmes and Distance (Online and Blended Learning) Management programs especially for those who are working professionals who can avail the advantages of these courses. Though these courses are not similar to Distance MBA Programmes, they have their importance. These courses are of short duration and are considered professional diploma and certificate courses.


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Distance MBA from IIMs in India 

Not all the IIMs offer Distance MBA programs but some of them as discussed below:

IIM Ahmedabad-They offers an ePost Graduate Program (ePGP). This course is conducted by the institute, through technologically able online classes which students can access through their houses. They also conduct doubt clearing sessions and provide all the necessary study materials to the candidates.
IIM Lucknow- The name of the course offered is Working Managers Programme (WMP). The students have on-campus classes from Friday to Sunday. 
IIM Indore- This IIM offers General Management Program for Executives (GMPE). The on-campus classes are held on Sundays. Aspirants can sit and study in the comfort of their homes for the rest of the weekend.
IIM Ranchi- IIM Ranchi provides a Certificate Program in General Management (CPGM). The on-campus classes are conducted by the institute, for nine consecutive days per term. They have a planned curriculum for five terms in total.
IIM Raipur- IIM Raipur offers Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives (PGPMWE). They conduct classes for one weekend in a fortnight that too over 24 months. 

Admission Process for Distance MBA in IIMs.

CAT, which is the Common Admission Test, is not required for distance learning Programs. The candidates are picked up, after verifying their graduation record.
The students are selected based on their previous academic records. 
The institute also considers the work experience of the candidate while giving them admission.

Application Process 

The application process for IIM Distance Learning Program is online. Candidates can apply on the official website and select the desired course. All the necessary details are mentioned on the official website of the respective IIM institutes. 


Scope of Distance Learning Programs from IIMs. 

It has a vast scope as the working professionals get to add a feather to their hats. They can further enhance and grow their skills and use them wherever they are working already. This add-on degree can improve people’s performance and they can get a raise in salaries as well after having the tag of MBA degree from IIM. To get a top-level management profile and great salary packages, this degree helps the candidates to enjoy many more such benefits. Not only the working people, but even an average candidate who wishes to boost their management career can also even apply for this course as he or she will get to learn a lot from it.


Fees charged for respective courses by the IIMs

IIM Ahmedabad- ePost Graduate Program- INR 17.44 Lakh
IIM Lucknow- Working Managers Program- INR 13.55 Lakh 
IIM Indore- General Management Program for Executives- INR 3.50 Lakh 
IIM Ranchi- Certification Program in General Management- INR 3.00 Lakh 
IIM Raipur- Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives- INR 12.61 Lakh


The Distance MBA program does not provide placement facilities as it is already for the people who are working professionals. The degree helps the candidate to seek better job opportunities in middle and senior-level management. This course is just to enhance the abilities and skills of the candidates and give them a chance to get appraisals in their salary packages.

By Swaranshi Chhabra 

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