Career Options For Finance Graduates

October 19, 2021

Career Options For Finance Graduates

Maybe you have just started your finance degree, or perhaps you have recently graduated and are considering your career options. Whatever stage you are at in your higher education journey, it is always wise to focus your mind on possible career choices. Having a clear idea of what you want to do with your career once you have finished studying is an excellent way to stay focused and will make your job search easier. When you have a specific career goal in mind, you can begin planning your next steps and start thinking about the types of companies you hope to work for in the future. Here are some finance jobs to consider to help you kick-start your career search:




The role of an accountant is fundamental to modern businesses, and it is a role that continues to evolve over time. Accountants monitor a company’s finances and report the business’s financial performance to its key stakeholders. But, as well as assessing figures and producing financial reports, accountants are increasingly used by companies in an advisory capacity. Using their finance skills, accountants are able to advise companies on business-critical decisions enabling them to assess risk accurately. Accountants play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses are able to continually track their financial performances and avoid potentially risky monetary decisions.




If you are interested in financial trading and keenly follow the stock exchange and Forex markets, you may be interested in a career in Forex Trading or working as a stockbroker. Each of these jobs requires skill and the ability to work under pressure. These careers are especially appealing for many finance graduates due to their fast pace and potential for lucrative salaries. Finding out as much as you can about Forex and trading, in general, is a great way to start building your knowledge on this subject and exploring this potential career in more detail.


Chief Financial Officer


Chief financial officers (CFO) are responsible for managing an organization’s finances and overseeing the company’s economic performance. Managing the financial side of a business is a significant responsibility. Still, it can also be a satisfying job when you get to see the company’s profits increase and costs reduced because of your financial planning. After graduating, you would likely need to work your way up to becoming a CFO, as this is a highly responsible and often pressurized role. You may want to begin by working in a finance department for a corporation and progressing your career within the team. Achieving the role of CFO would then see you leading the finance team yourself once you have built up your experience.




There are many different roles to consider when planning to use your finance degree after university. One of the main benefits of a finance degree is the range of career opportunities that will be open to you. Selecting the job option that best suits your interests and skillset should see your career become increasingly successful in this potentially lucrative industry.


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