Ten popular students destinations across the globe and why

October 19, 2021

Ten popular students destinations across the globe and why


It is a bit easier for students to migrate from one country to another to pursue their studies. There are a lot of options available across the globe. Some of the majorly selected countries by the students are listed below. Based on their student intake, career opportunities, and degree acceptance worldwide they are mentioned below.

1.   United States of America ( USA)

For decades the USA has been on the top among the list of the world’s most popular destinations for students. The country has the best institutes and highly educated faculty. They attract a large bunch of students every year because of their academic excellence. No matter what the interest of the students is, courses in every diverse field are available in this country. Whatever the background of the student is, the USA welcomes them with open arms and offers them the best opportunities in the world, and provides them with an amazing experience.

2.   United Kingdom (UK)

The UK has a great history of higher education and some of the topmost universities in the world are located here. 

They provide a lot of freedom to the students to innovate and create projects through their ideas. English is the global language of the country, therefore this will open up many international career opportunities as well.

The USA and UK both are supremely diverse countries with multicultural people residing in them. Therefore students will get to live in an extremely vibrant and colourful environment.

3.   China 

Though China wasn’t among the most preferred locations by the students, with their global reach they have made their position in this list. The universities and colleges are quickly reaching the global ranking by providing a superb educational experience. Studying in China is a bit cheaper as compared to the USA and UK. Students can open various doors to enhance their careers if they study in China. Students will have to involve themselves in Chinese culture and learn their language. This will be further helpful for much better career opportunities in the country and outside it as well.  

4.   Canada

This is the most preferred country by the students. Students from all parts of the world travel to Canada to get an internationally accepted education. Many universities in Canada feature in the global ranking and provide the best education to the students. The country has beautiful landscapes in every corner, therefore students will get to enjoy the same as well. From snowy mountains to sandy beaches students will have numerous places to explore. This country ranks in providing the best quality life too. They provide great healthcare, friendly communities, job opportunities, and many other facilities for international students.

5.   Australia

Top universities and top companies are located in Australia. They offer huge opportunities in almost all the subjects. Students can learn from highly educated and hardworking faculty members. This country is formed based on diversity and multiculturalism. Australia welcomes people from all parts of the world with open arms and provides them with huge career opportunities.

6.   France

If the students want a world-class education from a beautiful place, they can choose France as an option. They provide the quality of education at a cheaper rate than other parts of Europe. Some of the most influential scientists, artists, philosophers, and designers are from France. Therefore it is a great option to pursue studies.

7.   Russia

Russian universities are becoming a competition across the world. They provide some of the leading programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They provide an ample number of job opportunities with great salary packages. Russia has the most highly educated population. Most of the people working and residing in Russia hold quite high degrees.

8.   Germany

Public universities in Germany have removed the charges of tuition fees which has helped the country to secure the position among the world’s most attractive study locations. They provide an unmatchable education experience to the students. Germany is located in the heart of Europe, therefore students will have a chance to travel the rest of the continent conveniently.

9.   Japan

This country has a low tuition fee and living cost. They do have the world’s highest educational standards, especially in the program of maths and science.

The Japanese government tries to drive more international students every year. Therefore they offer a lot of scholarships and international support services for their students.

10.  Spain

Colleges and universities with the topmost faculty are available in Spain. They provide outstanding options of English and Spanish programs at a much reasonable cost. Students will enjoy the diversified culture, beautiful heritage, and delicious cuisines of Spain.


By Swaranshi Chhabra

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