How to research about companies before placement interviews

October 18, 2021

How to research about companies before placement interviews


 A company placement is a drive conducted by individual or mass companies together in search of an appropriate candidate for the company. It is conducted in various universities and institutions for the students pursuing their final academic years or the students who completed their graduations/masters in recent years. The fundamental idea behind the placement is to identify the eligible candidates in the early and learning stage. As there is saying, kids are easy to mould. These college students are the kids of the professional world. They are full of enthusiasm and knowledge, full of creativity, and most important- they are at their best learning stage. They can grasp things very quickly and perform with full energy. 

For the placement drive whether in/open campus, candidates must follow protocols before appearing for the interview. They should research about the companies, what are the requirements of the company, or how can you use your strength to make them realize your worth for the company. Insight knowledge of any company may help you to show your eligibility throughout the hiring process. 

Company values

You should be aware of the qualities a company is looking for. Go through the” company’s websites “and do some research about the company’s work culture. Read between the lines for the post details. What kind of candidate do they want to hire, build your profile and present your skills according to the requirements of the company’s post. You can approach any current employer of the company for further insight details of recruitment.

 Company services

Learning about information related to company business is very important. What is the motto of the company? How they work. What are the products of the company? Who are the targeted audiences of the company? Exploring the “articles and blogs” of the company, you will easily find these answers.


Who are the important people of the board committee of the company, their partners, shareholders, clients, managers, CEO, Directors Etc? You can find these details in the “about” section of the company’s site.


Have basic knowledge about the placement process, written, Group discussions, personal interviews. Knowing the format is very important. Details of the interviewing panel or the interviewer's name are usually mentioned in the “email” you got for the interview process. You can ask about the different rounds of the placement followed by the interview.

History of the company

Knowing the history binds up the full story of success. The accomplishment process of a company is well understood by the history of the company. From how it started to where it is headed today. What significant decisions turned out to be profitable for the company? Alterations in the policies of the company will give you the outline of the company. The path a company travelled and where it is headed is the summary of the growth and struggle of the employees for its success.


Company’s current position. You should be aware of the company’s competitors, an interviewer may ask you, to know the depth of knowledge you know about the company. 

Position, you have applied for

For what position you have applied in the company/ what are the company’s requirements for the candidate. What is the job profile you would be considered for? To know the job profile is very important. Your skills, knowledge are checked for that profile. Prepare yourself according to the requirements. Keep yourself updated on the profile you have applied for.

Working of the company

How the company works. How the management and different departments with their teammates pursue a single plan and mark it to success. Every company has a different style of working. To fit in that environment, you should self-check your capabilities before appearing for the interview. Interaction is a crucial tool of teamwork. You can dig up these things in the company’s” social media profiles”. You can add strengths and weaknesses in your resume or portfolio according to the culture of the company, whether it’s too formal or vibrant.

Latest news regarding the company 

A candidate should check the latest updates of the company so that one can prepare well. It would be beneficial to have information about the company’s development and pioneers. Recent challenges and achievements, how the organization is performing are easily found on the internet. An interviewer can check your knowledge or how much you fascinate yourself for the company by these recent updates. You can visit the site of the company and check in the “achievement” section.


You can search for any of your seniors or alumni working in that firm. They will guide you throughout the process. How to clear all the rounds of the companies? How to present yourself in front of a panel? How do the companies work? Future aspects of your growth in the company.

Research all this information through the company’s sites, articles, and blogs, history, organization culture, and achievement. These will brief you about the company and you can prepare yourself well. Be confident, study well, practice more, and collect information.

We wish you very well for your placements and interviews.

By Mithila Rathod

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