How to counter loneliness when you are away from home for your studies

October 17, 2021

How to counter loneliness when you are away from home for your studies


Everyone dreams to be part of corporate society or pursuing their dreams into reality. For the early ages of childhood, one dreams about turning their passion into a profession. For doing such tremendous jobs, guidance and resources are very important. Usually, the stream of specialization is not necessarily being available in your home town; you have to travel and work hard in some different cities, or states even a different country. The most common reason for migration among students is their higher education. A student who needs to specialize in any stream has to opt for the best options available around the globe whatever is feasible for them financially too.

They are extracted from their comfortable environment and moved to completely new places to pursue studies. They face many challenges, a completely new place, trends of that place, lifestyle, food followed by people around them and in some cases a new time zone and cultural changes too. The education system may also differ. This all can affect the mental stability of a student. To adapt himself to this drastic new environment may be challenging, but their zeal to learn is what kept them moving forward.

They encounter lots of new people around, their classmates, professors, society, etc. homesickness is one of the common issues faced by almost every migrant. They miss the comfort of home; being around family and friends, they feel pressure about their studies with lots of adjustments. They may feel left out in some situations and start feeling lonely and different from others. To counter this kind of feeling is very important as you start feeling lonely, you will find it difficult to express, your anxiety may increase and the worse case leads to mental health issues like depression. In this time of the pandemic, it’s become more severe, but the good thing is people are coming forward for help.

Try to think about your interest, what are the things you like to do for yourself. There must be something you always wanted to do, but never get a chance to start. Try to engage yourself in those activities.

Find your interest

If there is a restriction for going out, you can easily start digitally. Not even your academic classes are shifted to virtual but all other activities are also available virtually. You can join any class or course whatever you may feel eager to learn or spend time in. Music is the best remedy; you can learn any musical instruments, singing, dancing, sketching, photography, cooking, reading, and writing. You just have to take the hardest step i.e. to begin.

Engage yourself

Mindfulness is one of the best activities you can start to engage yourself. Try to be more observant in every activity you do whether it is breathing, eating, or simply sitting or walking. Another way is to try to interact with the people around you, your roommates, friends, your society people, or hostel mates or just go to the park for a walk every evening or morning. Spend time in parks or some religious place. Make time to travel, travel around the outskirts of the city with people, or plan for a solo trip. You realize the change within you.

Video calls with family and friends

Try to make time for your family and friends and interact with them on a daily basis. Start by sharing simple daily tasks you have done in a whole day, ask them about theirs, and just start expressing yourself. It will boost your lonely mood.

Yoga or exercise

Try to join yoga or exercise classes or just simply start mediation. If you are more of a fitness freak you can join a gym or some Zumba classes, there are so many fitness centers available in any city with both online and offline options.

Join some clubs

There are lots of clubs available to your interest, maybe some environment-related, language-related, or sports. Join any club you feel interested in. Engage yourself with different activities of the clubs, you will meet new people, interact with new energies, it may boost your mood.

Adopt pets or plants

Try to share your love and care with others. Gardening is one of the best activities you can start within your home, plants give you positive energy. Sampling a seed, watering it, taking proper care: all these activities bring out your caring nature. You can play with your pets, feed them, sleep with them, pets are the best companions.


 When you are feeling low, you have to be more conscious about your physical health. Eat food full of nutrients; try to follow a healthy meal plan. Take out time to exercise, get some fresh air, and listen to soothing music, keep your surroundings clean and fragranced. Have sufficient sleep, try to reach out to people; you may feel awkward but if you try, you can make it.

Try to understand your feeling

Have you ever wondered why such thoughts cross your mind, why you are becoming more isolated these days. What is the complexity and insecurities inside you bothering you to be around people? If you are not able to figure out the reason, no worries. Just take a pen in your hand and a notepad and just start scribbling your thoughts on paper.

 Whenever you feel anxious and lonely, write down all your thoughts on paper. Make a routine and after some time start writing reasons why you are feeling lonely and when you are feeling lonely. Still, if it doesn’t work, seek outside help. Try to talk to someone who can understand you, if you are not comfortable with talking to anyone you know. You can search for a professional for that online, contact them, make appointments, and consult them.

By Mithila Rathod

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