Careers After B. Des

October 25, 2021

Careers After B. Des


Bachelors in Design is an in-demand course. There are a lot of students who are opting for this undergraduate program due to the rise in demand for job opportunities in this subject. Moreover, there are various subject ranges out of which students can choose one of their choices. Once the undergraduate in B.Des is complete, the students get ample career options out of which they can choose their preference. There are various colleges in India and abroad that offer the 4 years Bachelors in Design with great placement opportunities. Designing is a very wide subject and it has so many dimensions. Some of the dimensions are mentioned below along with work that is required in respective fields.


Career Prospects After completing B.Des

·      Interior Designer- Interior designers design the interiors of the house, buildings, offices, shops, malls, and a lot more. They beautify the place with their skills and knowledge in design.

·      Fashion Designer- Fashion designers focus on creating new fashion designs and bringing them into the market. They build up different and innovative fashion trends. Outfits designed by the fashion designers are then worn by various models, actresses, and other people out of the industry as well.

·      Textile Designer- People who work in the textile industry focus on printed fabrics for or fashion clothing items.

·      Graphic Designer- A graphic designer is a person who creates graphics for different publishing houses, advertisements, event companies, etc.

·      UI/UX Designer- This is software that needs designing. People who work in this domain need strong skills and knowledge about designing.

·      Product Designer- Every product is designed very minutely by its designers. Therefore the work of a product designer is to build up a structure for its product so that it functions properly.

·      Art Director- Art directors design sets for movies, song videos, shoots, etc.

·      Apparel Designer- The apparel designer has to create different apparel for their clients.

·      Costume Designer- A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for stage shows, movies, television shows, events, etc.

·      Design Manager- A design manager is a person who bridges the gap between design and delivery of the project. All the necessary details are to be kept in mind by the design manager before delivering the final product.

·      Fashion Merchandiser- A fashion merchandiser is a person who has to create campaigns, displays, and advertisements and build up sales strategy for fashion houses and retail houses. 

·      Fashion Stylists- A fashion Stylist picks the clothes for print or television campaigns, music videos, concerts, brand shoots, events, etc.

·      Jewellery Designer: Jewellery or accessory designers are the people who design various kinds of jewellery pieces which are then sold in the market. 


Top Companies that recruit B.Des students 

Numerous companies need B.Des graduates to work with them. These companies pay good salaries to their employees, and their artisans get a chance to work in a great working environment and explore the field to the maximum. Some of these companies are:

·      Godrej Designers – Product Designer – Average salary INR 7 LPA

·      Tanishq- Jewellery Designer- INR 9 LPA

·      Tata Motors- Automobile Designer- INR 6.5 LPA

·      E bay- UX Designer- INR7 LPA

·      Flipkart

·      Microsoft

·      Campfire

·      Accenture

·      Wipro

·      Cognizant

·      Myntra

·      Roop Vatika


All these above-mentioned companies along with a lot more such brands employ a large number of talented people from a design background. And if not these big brands students can always choose to go to other private-sector job opportunities as well. B.Des students can also go for private or freelancing jobs such as in the field of costume designer, fashion stylists, fashion forecasters, cutting assistant, chief designer officer, etc.


Required skills for these job opportunities are:

·      Communication

·      Presentation skills

·      Strong artistic skills

·      Creative Skills

·      Innovations and ideas

·      Drawing skills

·      Software knowledge 

·      Love towards craft

B. Des is considered a very good option if students learn and practice it with their hearts. The career options in this field are rising every year as the demand in design is increasing rapidly.  This field requires a lot of new ideas and innovations. There is no set bar students can bring in creative ideas and get the maximum exposure in their respective domains.

By Swaranshi Chhabra  

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