CEED And UCEED 2021: Brush Up With These Tips And You’ll Surely Crack It !

March 09, 2021

CEED And UCEED 2021: Brush Up With These Tips And You’ll Surely Crack It !

The Indian Institute of Bombay has already conducted the Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED) and Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design (UCEED), the two national- level exams for eligible applicants. Though the registrations and the examinations are over, one can yet prepare for both the exams by brushing up all the tips mentioned in this article for securing better results and specially avoiding that last minute rush. Throwing light on what the exams are about, then CEED is for admission to the Master’s program in Design while UCEED is for admission to Bachelor’s degree programme in Design. 



Ø  Part A of this exam is highly advantageous as this area of the exam consists of MCQ type questions and there is no negative marking in questions 1 to 8. Therefore candidates must focus on their CEED preparations ensuring that they attempt all these eight questions accurately from this section of the exam.

Ø  Part B of this exam is based on pen and paper mode where candidates have to answer 20 questions each from vivid topics ranging from creativity, sketching, and visual sensitivity to problem identification. Candidates need to prepare well for these topics as they are all practice oriented.

Ø  Candidates should always go back and refer to the previous year’s papers for better knowledge and understanding of the type of questions that are conventionally asked in the examination.

Ø  CEED Syllabus also comprises NAT questions, therefore candidates are also advised to polish more formulas, methodologies and other significant aspects of solving numerical questions especially during the last few days of their examination.



Ø  An important opportunity to score well in the exam is by focusing on all 18 Numerical Answer types questions (NAT) in Part A of the exam and these questions incur no such negative marking. Candidates are therefore advised to practice extensively referring to the UCEED syllabus in order to avoid mistakes and have better chances of scoring well and solving the NAT questions appropriately.

Ø  The part B of the exam is also a “well established” scoring zone for the candidates where the pattern unveils a liability to score 60 marks by answering one single question which is based on drawing. Candidates can easily hit up on such significant marks weight-age if answered precisely.

Ø  Candidates are highly advised to refer to the previous five year’s papers to check the quality and the type of question asked in this section of examination.

Ø  Candidates should be vigorous in practicing sketching/drawing enormously to avoid silly mistakes and to look forward to grabbing these “60 marks” from this section.



Ø  In order to top the merit lists of CEED and UCEED, candidates are advised to run through those important drawing techniques, used in visualisation and 3D sketches as these skills are considered very important in designing.

Ø  Working on a perspective is must for visualising daily life objects from multiple angles and putting the same down on the pen and paper.

Ø  Candidates are also advised to indulge themselves in mock tests for CEED and UCEED, laying more stress on observation, problem- solving skills and time management to solve all the tricky questions in the paper that demand a creative solution.

By Tunisha Banerjee

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