CAT 2020 Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

October 09, 2019

CAT 2020 Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

Students and professionals from various walks of life often appear for the Common Admission Test or CAT for better prospects and career options. Along with students many professionally engaged candidates also appear for the test every year. The CAT 2020 will be no different. With every passing year the number of students appearing for CAT 2020 registration has been increasing which shows that the top Business Schools such as IIM Kolkata, gives an added advantage to candidates with a prior professional experience.

The increasing success of these working professionals at CAT exams shows that it is much possible for the full time professionally engaged candidates to crack the CAT Admission Exams. Following are some of the pertinent tips that can be taken up to crack the CAT 2020 examinations.

  • Follow A Schedule – If you are a working professional then it is taken for granted that some major hours of the day or the week is dedicated to your current job. Try to chalk a time table where you can devote 2 to 3 hours to your preparation on a daily basis and about 5 hours on weekends. Increase the hours without making the schedule too hectic.
  • Strategic Preparation – It is important that you divide the syllabus into parts that covers areas like Quants section, DILR and VARC. Make this division on the basis of the question papers of the previous years and dedicate fixed time spans for every section.
  • Time Management – Time management is one of the major aspects that must be attained by working professionals who aspire to prepare for CAT 2020 registrations. Try to strike a balance between your work and study and make full use of transit times like travelling in cabs and metros.
  • Mock Preparations – Appear for mock test papers on your won and see how much you can solve the questions that constitute actual CAT papers.

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