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What to do If You Don’t Make it Through CAT?

October 09, 2019

What to do If You Don’t Make it Through CAT?

The CAT or Common Admission Test is the nation’s most important MBA entrance examination. The Indian Institutes of Management will conduct a computer-based Common Admission Test 2019 (CAT 2019) on November 24, 2019, in two sessions. A ton of applicants may already start feeling the “after-exam jitters” even they've not appeared for it yet. While failure is something no one likes talking about, a majority of the candidates need to hear the tough talk to ensure they are to rise and face the next challenge in case the worst does come to pass. 

The Main Challenge

The tough talk needs to be brought up because a lot of the examinees considered the DILR section of the examination to be difficult and they are worried about their result. If this is the case with you, it is important to not cry over spilled milk and instead divert your focus on what comes next. CAT is not what defines your success in life, it was just one of the many ways to attain it. There are several courses that exist apart from CAT, and you can even enter the workforce.

Other Options

The number of entrance tests that exist for the purpose of entering MBA institutions is immense. There are several exams such as MAT, MICAT, SNAP, CMAT, and TISSNET. These exams are used for admissions by various prestigious MBA and PGDM institutions in the country which come second only to the IIMs. You would also not need to study the syllabus from the beginning since most of it is the same as CAT and therefore a simple revision should suffice.

It is a good idea to give many of these other MBAs as while it is good to have a plan and put your entire focus on it, having a backup is equally important. You should put your best into preparing for the CAT and hope for the best possible result as well; you should also have a plan to quickly cover the syllabus in case things don’t turn out the way you thought.

Have a Guide

Talking to someone with any experience in MBA or someone who has given other MBA entrance examinations can benefit you a lot on this journey. You should learn all you need to know from them and also inquire about how they made it through. This will help you stay motivated.

Stay Calm

Nervousness is the enemy of success. Whenever you begin to feel nervous on the inside, you can try power postures. This is especially required for interview and group discussion rounds of your MBA admission.

This requires you to not only focus on why you need an MBA degree but what it means to you. When you find the answer to that, you will find the key to your confidence and will not feel nervous.

Group Discussions

Your group discussion scenario can be either case-based or topic-based. Therefore, it is essential for you to decide how to prepare yourself for it accordingly. It is important to stay calm and maintain your politeness in the group discussion. At the same time, you should also be firm in getting your point across. If you feel that the situation is getting heated, it is important to remember that you should avoid shouting or arguing at all costs as this will not look good on your application. There are several workshops that you can join for the same, and learn to be comfortable in a group scenario.

In case you are not able to clear the MBA entrances this year, it is important to not lose your hope. There is always next year. If you do choose to drop a year before CAT 2020 prep for next year, you should ensure that you stay employed during that one year, or do something else that is productive.

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