How to Get Motivated for Studying: 7 Tips for Procrastinators

July 22, 2020

How to Get Motivated for Studying: 7 Tips for Procrastinators

It is important to face the truth that studying hard isn’t something we all enjoy. However, by simply accepting this flaw, you can take the first step towards improving it and becoming a better student over-all. While it may always be easier to go to the bottom of your Instagram feed, studying everyday will bring you its benefits. A major benefit would be to avoid the sense of panic you feel when you have procrastinated studying for too long already and either need to give an exam or submit an assignment. Here are seven useful tips that will crush your desire to procrastinate and help you live more in the moment:

#1. Discover Your Reasons to Procrastinate

Procrastinating on your studies isn’t a simple process. It can have complicated causes that can take time to figure out. However, experts point to the two most common causes being that you either want to do something more interesting than your studies, or that you find your studies too uninteresting altogether. There is a solution for both cases, however it is wise to first deeply analyze the causes as these two are also just vague generalizations. By spending some time thinking about these reasons, you can understand them better and increase your odds of overcoming them in time.

#2. Start Breaking it Down

When studies seem too uninteresting, commonly the reason is the sheer massiveness of the syllabus that most modern students have to deal with. Even if you are used to dealing with massive syllabuses, this method is going to work wonders in curing your procrastination. You can simply divide your material into smaller segments. These can then be easily covered by you with breaks and rewards in between. This will not only keep your attention going, but will also help you finish your study session faster because you will be more productive than normal.

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#3. Reward Yourself

You should consider rewarding yourself for all the achievements you make while covering up the smaller segments of the syllabus that you make. This will help you to make more strides towards staying focused and will also help prime your brain into thinking that studies are a rewarding task. This will not only boost your performance during this study session, but for all future ones as well. You should however keep your rewards small and consistent to avoid letting them distract you from your session altogether. In other words, Netflix should not be a reward for finishing a page of your reading exercise.

#4. Have a Steady Study Routine

Consistency is key to success. Even if you feel that you have a relaxed schedule where you are able to get plenty of free time despite working on tasks, you should be able to form a regular study routine for yourself. This is another primer for your brain since it will help remind you to study and will also give you a reason to not just binge on your favorite shows all day. Sticking to your routine would be hard at first, but if you manage to stick through it for a few days, you will be able to make it consistent.

#5. Be Clear About Your Reasons

It is wise to know why you are fighting before you go ahead and start a war. You should always know your reasons for wanting to study more and eliminate your procrastination. These may not directly help you to study better, however your goals will serve as big sources of motivation when you most need it. This will also allow you to hold yourself accountable when you miss out on a deadline or break your routine without any legible cause. Positive reaffirmation of your goals in the morning will also serve as an excellent strategy to keep your motivation high.

#6. Start Using Mind Maps

Mind mapping is a technique that has been popularized by various tv shows and movies such as Sherlock. However, it does serve some excellent purpose in real life applications as well. If you are able to make a mind map of the things that you need to learn in a topic, the whole process of learning is likely to become a lot more fun for you. You can learn to effectively make mind maps from several online tutorials, however, it is important to keep in mind that this will be a time consuming skill to develop.

#7. Turn a Boring Subject into an Interesting One

Lastly, you can always rely on the age-old trick to turn a boring subject into an interesting one since this is going to give you the several benefits of doing something that you already enjoy. The ways to do this would require you to dig deeper into the subject, and almost dwell into the rabbit holes of each topic. That is a trick that engineering students use to make physics and chemistry more interesting if they don’t already enjoy them. However, it is bound to work well with other subjects as well.

By using the above methods, you can ensure that your study front always stays on the bright side of success and that you are able to overcome that strong desire for procrastination.

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