How to Improve Your Study-Life Balance

June 26, 2020

How to Improve Your Study-Life Balance

Tips for balancing life and study

Everything in life needs a balance and this is quite evident in cases where students are shown to perform much better when they have a good balance between their study life, and other activities. Cognitive function, recall, thinking, and brain ability all get boosted when balancing your education with a healthy social life, sleep, diet, and exercise. If you are one of the many school students who can’t seem to get a break, here are some tips that can help you achieve that same work and life balance:

Connect Studying and Exercise

Exercising is essential for both physical as well as mental health. You can begin this by working out a little bit before you start your study sessions. Waking up a little earlier to workout in the morning is also a great option since it won’t cause you to lose any time from your essential activities. You can also incorporate it into your school activities such as being more active in PE, or walking/cycling to school instead of taking the bus.

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Join a Sport

Joining a sport, especially a team sport will help you to both – exercise more as well as improve your social life. Team sports help build lifelong friendships among teammates, and also help develop important social skills. You can try out for your school teams or join a local club if your school doesn’t have a team.

Manage Your Time

There are several activities that can help you get extra hours in your days. If you get a lot of homework, you can use it as a study session to ensure you don’t have to study the same thing twice. You can also manage your sleep and nap in the afternoon to ensure you stay productive all day. Doing little things can help you build good time-management habits for life.

Doing the above will not only help you improve your academic performance, but also keep you happier in general.

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