How to Boost Your Study Productivity

June 27, 2020

How to Boost Your Study Productivity

Studying on a daily basis is simply the most important activity you can pursue related to your success. This can get a little difficult at a time when you have your phone to distract you at every possible occasion. This can make you wish that you would have more hours in the day to have fun and study as well. However, instead of cutting down on things you like to create more time to study, you can make more time simply by being more productive with your study sessions. Here are some tips to help you achieve maximum productivity in your study sessions:

Create a Study-Friendly Room

This tip works for everyone ranging from middle school students to corporate employees looking to add a few new skills in their arsenal. Whenever you wish to increase your productivity for a particular task, it is important to create a space which is dedicated for that particular task. This will allow your brain to take on focus mode as soon as you enter your study space and switch back when you need to perform other tasks. Ensure that your study space is comfortable, well-lit, and free of distractions.

Use Your Commute

School students often commute a long way to their school. If you walk to school or take the bus/train, you can use this time to study a little or revise the work from the previous day. You can also listen to audio books or lecture recordings which can especially benefit by increasing the amount of information you can process during this time.

Plan Your Day

This is an especially important step towards maximizing your productivity since you will have a clearer path to follow throughout your day. This is different than simply making a To-Do list as you should also assign a time for each task. If any new task comes up, you need to decide whether it is important or not. If it is, then readjust your schedule, else you can carry on with your day and set the task for tomorrow.

Use a Digital Detox

A digital detox can help your brain get off the usual dopamine hits it gets by using technology all day. This will help you readjust your tolerance of activities that don’t offer instant gratification and thereby increase the time you are able to study without requiring a break.

Stay Fit

Having energy to use your brain requires you to have an active metabolism. Staying active throughout your day will also help you to be more attentive and productive during your study sessions. A great way to increase your activity level is to take exercise breaks during your study session. This will also keep your motivation high until the end of the session.

Take Good Notes

You need to learn good note-taking habits to ensure that your notes will help you to achieve better grades and conduct faster revisions during the exam days. There are several note taking methods that you can learn to practice online. A great example is the Princeton notes method.

Have Goals

You can’t achieve anything that you don’t aim to achieve. This should be enough to let you know the importance of setting long term goals that you can spend your days trying to achieve. Doing so will help you keep your motivation high in the long run. You can also divide your long term goals into shorter ones and set up a reward system to reward yourself after each completed task.

Doing the above in a proper process will help you to be more productive while studying and achieve all your important goals.

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