How will micro-credential courses help in boosting up your career?

November 21, 2021

How will micro-credential courses help in boosting up your career?

How will micro-credential courses help in boosting up your career?


More and more organizations today are rethinking their approach to hiring talent, training their employees, and conducting development programs or workshops for upskilling their employees. What businesses find risky is making big investments in all their employees. But work today is evolving, so is the approach to hiring and retaining talent. 


With revolutionary changes in the education industry today, micro-credentials are the most promising and effective way of upskilling and working. Read this article to learn what micro-credentials are, and how they can boost your career in the near future. 


What are micro-credentials?


Micro-credentials, much like its name refer to mini qualifications. These qualifications specifically highlight a professional’s knowledge, skills, and expertise in a given subject or field. They are also referred to as nano degrees. Their approach is usually narrower than traditional qualifications like full-time degree programs or diplomas. However, the focus is broader and specific in these courses. For instance, you can earn a micro-credential for a vast subject like big data, or data driven marketing, etc. Micro-credentials come in varied topics and can be useful for any field of work or industry. 

Benefits of micro-credentials

Micro-credentials offer several benefits to organizations, employers, and employees across all industries. When designed carefully, they can be cost effective, flexible, and portable to implement. Micro-credentials can boost employee engagement as well as support the employer to accurately assess the development of their employees.

1.   Personalization for employees

Instead of investing in broad programs for every team or department, micro credentials allow individuals to tailor courses for individual members that align with their responsibilities and goals. This is one of the most pragmatic approaches to employee development in any organization, large or small. It allows professionals to focus on a single area of their interest. 

2. Recognition

Employees get to enjoy recognition for the hard and soft skills they hone. It is often a challenge to qualify and quantify the skills professionals have gained on the job, and traditional programs do not offer a solution to this. However, a micro-credential allows employers to recognize every employee’s innovative skill by awarding them with a micro credential. 

3. Recognize soft and hard skills

While most traditional qualifications focus mostly on hard skills, it often overlooks the importance of soft skills like communication, leadership, and problem solving which are equally important in every workplace. As micro credentials can be offered on a need basis, organizations can leverage their workforce capabilities to the best.

4. Flexibility

Micro-credentials offer tremendous flexibility to organizations as well as their training programs. These nano credentials can be designed from scratch and in a more personalized manner. This is a lot more effective than designing a uniform training program for one team or department. Micro-credentials can help train individual staff as needed. 


Take up a micro credential today to perfect the skills you need and earn recognition for it to take your career to the next level.

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