What to do if I don’t qualify for IIMs

November 22, 2021

What to do if I don’t qualify for IIMs


Not getting into IIMs doesn’t actually change anything in your life; it’s not the end of the road. Think tactfully about what your plans for your future are? Can IIMS be substituted by any other institute all over India or any part of the world? There are plenty of other prestigious management institutes offering top-class education in the field of management like XLRI, MDI, IITs, etc. The answer lies within the question- what you actually want to do. If you want to give it another try, you can appear for the same exam next year for the better scores that will get you to IIMs, or with the current score, you opt for a different college.

If given a chance to re-think your decision, choose wisely what you want to do in your life, you can join a job, or change your stream like the IAS kind of UPSC officers level exam, sort of like some state/central level exams. You can try for another exam and study abroad. There are dozens of options you have, just choose one and move forward.

•Figure out what you love

If life has given you a chance to reconsider anything. You shouldn’t miss it. Don’t become pessimistic over not getting admissions in IIMs. Just focus on yourself and try other things. Many states have MBA entrance exams every year for the deemed universities, many private colleges conduct their own entrance exams for the admissions in management courses.

•Be consistent in whatever things you are doing

If you have decided something for yourself, just stick to it even if it becomes difficult for you- don’t give up and be consistent. Your consistency will give you the best outcomes whatever the field it may be. You can learn alongside even if it is something new for you. Your experiences will teach you a lot. Handwork always pays off, when the right opportunity knocks at your door; your hard work will give you the confidence to grasp it.

•Choose trial and error method

You will never come to know about facts until you try it. Begin anything with positivity and confidence. First, learn to sustain, this will eventually make you grow in that field. You can become influential for others to learn from your experiences.


Passion and money have a great bonding. A person is blessed if he is earning from following his passion. There is always something hidden inside you, which you never knew about yourself, it may be your hobby; singing, dancing, arts, your interest in aviation or law. Figure those things out and consider if you want to build your career in that arena. In many cases, students who pursued MBAs other than any IIMs got placed in MNCs with maximum packages. IIM is no doubt a deemed college that has become a benchmark in our country in the field of management studies, but many other institutions are there that have NIRF ranking above many IIMs. Try to get admissions in those institutions for the MBA.

•Give yourself a chance

IIMs are like brand names, not everyone graduating from IIMs will get the maximum package of the session. Someone will definitely get the lowest package. Money can be earned in many other ways, you can get a management degree from another college, and the chances are high that you may get a better placement package from the average guy passing from IIMS. The main academics of management are taught the same in all the colleges. It’s all up to you how much you can grasp and how you turn your knowledge into your success. Many people can learn things but a few can actually implement things. You can give a thought to entrepreneurship and should definitely try for it, and learn the managerial skills practically. It is the best way to learn. 

You can always give yourself another chance to perform better in the CAT exam to score more to get admissions into IIMS, and if you are not willing to wait another year, go for other colleges or jobs. The campus is not an issue as there are numerous open campus workshops all over India offline and online. You can approach them for the best placement offers. You can try for the GMAT, Toefl like exams, and learn from foreign universities (you can apply for a variety of scholarship programs for the funding). You have to learn the fundamentals of sustainability in life and these things are not taught in any IMs or any other institution, it is your vision and perspective that carry you forward in life and strategically overcome the hardships in different stages of your life.

After graduation, you have a number of career options to follow: UPSC, PSCs, PSUS, technical or research fields, SSC, airport, aviation, academics, laws, arts, mass media communications, graphic design courses, foreign studies, jobs virtual education programs. All these areas are open for you, just choose one and move forward. All the best.

By Mithila Rathod

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