New Post Covid 19 Regulation for Indian Students to Study Abroad

April 13, 2022

New Post Covid 19 Regulation for Indian Students to Study Abroad


COVID-19 pandemic brought lots of dreams to study abroad on hold for the past year. Many countries restricting immigration have affected lots of students to give a second thought to their decision. But, vaccination makes it possible to change their policies across the globe and make a possible way for reconsideration. Although the data says that 91% of Indian students still insist on studying abroad instead of the pandemic restrictions. Virtual education has built a bridge to connect them with their dreams.

Many countries like the UK, the US, Australia are some of the top priorities of international students as they offer free health treatment to students. Education loans were preferred. Almost every country around the globe prioritizes its safety first and thus has many regulations in this pandemic era for immigration. Countries like Canada were so lenient for approving visas to Indians but in this pandemic things turned out to be different. 

The government is trying to reduce the curbs for Indian students in foreign universities. After the 2nd wave of covid in India and its strains, several countries red-listed Indians to enter. But the scenario has changed now over the period and vaccination is the reason for the change in their policies. In our country, there are three vaccines available, covishield, covaxin, and sputnik. But most of the country only considers vaccines approved by WHO, this means sputnik and covaxin may not be considered in many countries.

Almost every country has more and less the same basic rules from the month of July. Here are some popular countries and their regulations for Indian students to attend on-campus colleges.

United States

Recently the US Embassy has announced there won’t be a need for vaccination proof for Indians to enter the US. And thousands of students secured US visas. Instead, they need a covid negative report prior to 72 hours before entering the country. If fully vaccinated there is no need to follow quarantine.


Fully vaccinated people (vaccine must be as per the WHO-approved or Canada government approved). Travellers must have a copy of his/her negative report prior to their departure. If necessary, officials may randomly elect any immigrants and test them for covid and if required may be advised for the quarantine. Earlier quarantine was compulsory that too in the place where a government official has decided you stay but things have changed now you can choose your quarantine to stay privately as per the situation

 If you are not vaccinated yet, you must follow these steps: 

•14-day quarantine.

•Negative pre-entry result.

•Covid -19test upon arrival in Canada.

International students are eligible for the Canada recovery benefit (CRB), the government plans to offer support for those facing hardships due to covid-19

United Kingdom

Due to covid-19 different scenarios in different parts of the world, regulations are changed over a period of time and new rules are formed. According to a recent update, 

•You must be fully vaccinated at least 14days prior to arrival in the UK.

•The vaccine must be approved by the UK.


France is one of those countries that come under the green set which means a country with a very low case of covid patients. Therefore a student going there from India won’t be easily accepted. They need to be fully vaccinated and should have completed their 2nd dose 2 weeks before entering the country.

Those who have contacted any covid-19  case in the past 2 weeks prior to visa approval would have to wait about 5-6 weeks for the net approval.


Australia has recently opened the gates for travellers (students) from India, they are also considering allowing people with a single dose of covishield and some basic regulations regarding isolation.


China has put India still on the waiting list for the students to complete their education as more than 25thousands students have completed half the duration of the course and are struggling to get the opportunity to complete the remaining. Both the nation's government officials and the embassy are still discussing the issue and finding a way to resolve the situation and future of 

the students.

*The Indian ministry (MEA) has asked students to seek help in case of emergency from overseas affairs India (OIA) divisions for reaching their campus academic programs.

For the vaccination duration, as in India, the gap between 1st dose of covishield and 2nd dose is generally set to be around 12 weeks, but the student/traveller going abroad are given priority and their gap duration is 4-6 weeks so that their work/education is not affected.


Various countries may have different regulations and different lists to allow permits, but common things are concluded that:

If vaccinated,

•Vaccines must be approved by WHO, and the dose must be completed prior to 14days of arrival.

If not vaccinated,

•Single-dose is also considered quarantine in some countries.

•Negative report 72 hours prior to arrival.

•After arriving again covid-19 test mat was asked by the country.

•If necessary, quarantine must be followed.

By Mithila Rathod

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