Stream Selection In Class 11: A Detail Look Into All 3 Streams And Help You To Choose Your Stream For Class 11 And 12

July 05, 2021

Stream Selection In Class 11: A Detail Look Into All 3 Streams And Help You To Choose Your Stream For Class 11 And 12

CBSE offers 3 streams options after class 10th which determine the subjects you will study in your 11th and 12th and then career options you would ultimately have in the future.  

The three major streams in class 11 CBSE are:  

·         Science  

·         Commerce  

·         Arts/Humanities   

Here we are going to look in detail at all the three streams:  

SCIENCE: This is one stream that many students know about it. Not just because everyone studies science till class 10th at least, but also because this is a stream people can't seem to stop talking about. In the Science stream the student studies the physical and natural world through the study of pure science and its applications in the real world. In this you will learn about the laws of gravitation that govern planetary motions to learn about the structure of the atom, you will learn about the mysteries of the world around us.  

The Science stream has divided into two sub-branches based on the third subject which you choose: 

Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, optional subjects  

Non-Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, optional subject  

Physics and Chemistry are the common subjects in both the branches and the student gets the option to choose between Biology and Maths. Students sometimes get a combination of the two subject PCMB in place of the optional subject. PCMB is the combination that has its own pros and cons, and it is a decision students should take only after careful consideration. 

COMMERCE: commerce is a field that relates to the study of business, trade, and finance. Commerce students study how goods and services are exchanged, how businesses operate, how financial transactions occur, how the economy of the country works, and many more things.  

Commerce students study the following subject: accountancy, business studies, economics, English, mathematics, and other optional subjects. 

Accountancy as a subject covers concepts related to the managing of the income and finances of a business or an individual. You will learn about transactions, expenditure, cash books, memos, trial balance, trading, profit, etc. In business studies, you learn about the type of businesses and organizations, differences between private and public sector companies, the model of business, business finance, international trade, etc. For economics, students learn about Indian economy development, statistical tools, demand and supply, government budget and economy, etc. There is a choice between Maths and other, if you are not comfortable with Maths, you can choose another subject also. 

HUMANITIES: Humanities is a very broad domain that covers areas related to human society, relationships, culture, and systems. These help you to gain deeper knowledge about the world and society around us. Students who want to learn about world affairs, social issues, historical events, and society are the ideal fit to explore humanities as their stream in class 11th and 12th. 

In humanities, you mainly learn about the subject like History, political science, Economics, Geography, Sociology, and psychology. Optional subjects in humanities stream are Maths, Home science, Legal studies, Fine arts, Physical education, media studies. Humanities with arts is another combination that is becoming popular with students these days. Taking Maths as a 5th or 6th subject opens up career options for the student in economics, business, and finance. 

By Pavan 

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