The Secret To Admissions To The Top B- Schools Of India

January 14, 2019

The Secret To Admissions To The Top B- Schools Of India

The Secret To Admissions To The Top B- Schools Of India

It is a very obvious question posed by the fresher’s i.e. students who have just graduated from Engineering, Commerce and other disciplines of Science and many other streams. This is a frequently asked question (FAQ) that we come across in various platforms relating to that of MBA. But quite a few students who haven’t even completed their basic education or graduation are also curious to know how to make an irresistible profile in order to get into their dream schools smoothly sans hassle. Everyone knows there is no magic formula to aim for and it is a fact too. Instead of waiting to get enlightened about the secrets of admission to the best B-schools in the country, let’s explore the best possible tips to equip oneself.

Best possible way out in seeking admission

There is no doubt to the fact that hard work bears fruit in long run. There is no alternative to laborious endeavor and sincere efforts. Therefore always prime importance is given to percentile and then to the quint essential tips.

1. Always on foot to take on challenges

The other colleagues are always under pressure of project and claim to be overburdened. Then you aren’t making much progress in terms of getting an exposure to new aspects of the business. In such cases, you must be on the lookout to grab opportunity and show your intention to take on challenges and fulfill assigned responsibilities within the deadline. Apart from the technical skills that you are picking up, keep an eye out for opportunities to grow that need business skills. Create the new learning curves for yourself that can exhibit your potentiality. See if you can volunteer for special projects that are of strategic importance for the management.

2. Show the quotient factor

It is essential to have both Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as the quotient factor is essential along with attributes like maturity, professionalism, modesty etc. of good human beings. These attributes are required more after passing out from top B-school when the successful MBA pass out candidates become entrepreneurs or join leading business organizations.

3. Choose an offbeat and under-represented industry or role

The Information Technology (IT) industry job is well paid with high salary, perks and opportunities far better than many other conventional industries. But the problem is there are far too many applicants applying from this field and the mainstream roles such as project management, business analysis, software development, testing and quality assurance, are also saturated. If possible go for such an opportunity which you would love to be a part of after the completion of MBA. It might be important, novel and tough to decide on being an unknown domain.

4. Be part of an exclusive group

Once the target industry is chosen by you, aim for the market leaders in the field if you can. For instance, a huge number of consultants who get into leading schools abroad have already worked for big players in the list of companies or business game. If the company you work for has a very competitive and tough recruiting process, it ensures that cream-of-the-cream is the fortunate one to be the part of the chosen industry.

5. Stretch yourself beyond work

Even if you are the most brilliant professional in your company and your bosses think so but the MBA classmates may not agree. At work, your responsibilities and roles are more stringently outlined. Outside work, you are your own boss. Be part of a sport that you like, join a social cause and extend your support by reaching out to society, start a small entrepreneurial venture on the side. Experiment with multifarious things in the earlier days and then focus on a few that truly appeal and excite you. By the time you are ready to apply, you’d be amazed at how much you’ve been able to achieve by utilizing your spare time productively.

Thoughts to consider

Even if you have high GMAT score and excellent academic grades, which most of them have now-a-days, the high percentile is of no use unless you strike the chord with your conspicuous accolade.

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