Things one should know if want to study in the UK

November 06, 2021

Things one should know if want to study in the UK


The UK is one of those countries that have the world’s oldest institutions and universities from around the 12th century. In terms of education, the UK has set the benchmark for the world. People from different parts of the world want to learn from universities in the UK as they offer a wide range of options in every field. Some reasons explaining why to choose the UK:

•Standard and excellence of academics:

usually in the top 10 universities ranking more than 4 universities are of the UK like Oxford, Cambridge, etc. The essential factor which separates the UK from others is- its way of teaching and the utility of practical knowledge over theoretical, which enhances one’s analytical thinking ability to perform any task.

•Quality assurance agency is the independent body that continuously checks the standard of universities through audits and gives feedback to improve more.

•Duration of courses: 

are much shorter than any other country. That’s how quality and time utility works together to produce a better version of performers and skilled learners. A shorter duration not only saves your time for learning but it is economical (as a reduction in the cost of tuition/course fee and living expenses).

•Health benefits: 

International students are more likely to get free medical treatment services while pursuing their education in the UK, but you need to go through an international surcharge procedure (may have to pay a little amount) and your counselor will guide you well.

•Working hours liability

You can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full time during your break time. This will help you to gain experience as well as financial independence.

 When you have your allotment letter in your hand and are almost done with the admissions procedure with your universities, you can say that- you are almost halfway there. These are some of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Other factors considered before moving for studies to the UK are as follows:

•International student events

Time should be considered while applying for the studies. The UK always promotes education for international students. A post-study visa is extended for international students, which allows them to stay there for more than 2 years even after education. These 2 years would benefit a student a lot to fulfill his dreams, finding new opportunities to work or learn.


It is advised for international students to have both travel and health insurance beforehand. This will cover all your lost baggage, canceled flights, accidents, and illness-related issues. Try to buy insurance to avoid some nuisance and extra financial expenditures.

The eligibility to access the free health treatment for international students requires a course duration of a minimum or more than 6 months and you need to pay a small amount to medical health surcharge. This fee will be included in your visa application.

•Research about the local transportation

The UK is a nation built from the unity of almost 4 other countries and a number of cities. Almost every city has its own navigation. You should be aware of the basic transportation of the city where you have applied for the studies that will make your life easier to go from one place to another. Check the scheduled trains, metros, buses, or any other feasible facility available for you to travel across the city. Nowadays it is much easier with digital technology, various apps, taxis, and public transport facilities are notified in the app. You just have to download the app. Digital City maps and navigation also help you to move freely on your own vehicles.

•University support service

Almost all the universities have this university support service for their students (especially international). If you are facing any kind of difficulty regarding anything and have no one to share, you just contact them: they will guide you for housing, financial problems, anxiety, and many more. When out there on your own, overcome your hesitation and try to reach out to people more, if needed help.


Take all the necessary documents with you: passport, visa confirmation, boarding pass, CV, accommodation contract, health and travel insurance and documents related to it, bank account details. Make sure to have all the original documents and try to have a copy of them with you.


Make sure you don’t miss your orientation session and to be on the safer side you should reach there a week before so that you can become familiar with the places and accommodation and university. Sincerely attend the oriental classes, understand the admission procedures, details about your course, and enroll yourself in the classes.

Safety is not a question in the UK, it is a safer country for international students. You can check the weather details before packing. Is it too much different from your home country then prepare likewise (rains, the cold, wind, etc).

 Along with academics, the culture of the UK provides opportunities to learn a whole lot of things related to drama, music, traveling, architecture, history, theatres, fashion, concerts, galleries, museums, galleries, religious centers. You should grab this opportunity to pursue education in the UK to learn academically and other life experiences too.

By Mithila Rathod

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