Tips for Freshers at Colleges and Universities in India

February 10, 2020

Tips for Freshers at Colleges and Universities in India

Best Tips for College and University Freshers

One of the thing which comes to my mind always is that what I wish I'd known as a fresher. I learnt it on my own and did commit some mistakes. My head was cluttered with so many thoughts at that time. Moving away from the comfort of the home, fear of unknown, new mates, new teachers, good I may not get and many more things. So I will try to pen down a few thoughts and advice on what we should know when we start the first term as a fresher in a new college or university

The first week

The first week is a whirlwind of activities, meeting your class fellows and settling in the hostel. More often, you will have your parents in the same town and thus there is help available. Lot of stuff need to be bought. One has to cope up with ragging. Though ragging is banned, but general questions are asked. Always be polite with seniors and call them sir or ma’am. That’s safe. Always smile and be assured no harm will come to you. Have courage to say no to some unrealistic demands from your seniors; say no politely but firmly. If the demand is repeated, talk to your mates for the hostel warden.

Making friends in first year

There will be plenty of opportunities to make friends throughout the year

It’s ok if your roommates or flatmates don’t become your lifetime best friends. You will always find your kinds eventually. It may take a little longer. Do go out of your room and enrol in sports and activities. You will get to meet more people. Another thing which will help is to keep the door of your room open. There are better chances of chatting to students with their room doors open. Just be nice, friendly and help each other.

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Food in first year

This is the easy part. Hostel mess and canteens do provide food in each hostel. But at times the food is crap. If one has contact with senior students, it is wise to enquire about good places to get food from. One can come across very good advice. Its wise to have a kettle, toaster and a convection heater in your room if allowed. A pan and few spoons and you are on. You will gain weight if you order pizza every day. Swiggy can help and do find a good canteen in your campus. Fruits in your room are always helpful.

Relationships in Uni

It’s never easy in the first year. But it is not the end of the world too. Gives you a chance to scout around better. It’s just fine to be single and focus on starting university or college and getting settled in!  There is enough time. Friends should be the priority not relations.

Living away from parents and home

It is going to be a tough, moving away from home. But do remember that everyone is going through the same thing. Thus you are not alone in this. For some it takes a few weeks and for some on entire term before they are comfortable in the new environs. So the solution is to call them every day on phone of skype and try to go home as and how it is possible. Slowly. The transition will happen and you will start feeling as if you have two homes.

Going for classes

Don’t miss your classes, even if you had a late night out. Don’t listen to what is being taught, but be there. Make it a habit to go for your classes. It’s very important. It’s very good for you in the long run. By this you will know what’s going on and your attendance will not fall short. You may not be allowed to take your exams of you are short of lectures. If waking up is a problem, ask your friends to wake you up. Call home and ask them to call you in the morning. Keep bananas in your room and they are a good quick snack.

I may have missed a few things. The idea is to understand and adjust to the new life. Very soon, you will be advising new freshers about what to and not to do. 


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