Visa, Forms and Fees

October 30, 2019

Visa, Forms and Fees

Visa requirements for potential international students planning to study in India
India has multiple requirements for obtaining student visas however the students can do without insurance proof for the visa here. Still, international students must purchase the insurance on health for protecting them, if at all anything takes place. India needs visas for nationals from most countries excepting countries like, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan. Specific requirements shall be mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs but there are no such Indian visa requirements of insurance. However, State department of US recommends purchasing insurance strongly. Here is all you need about the Indian visa system for international students.
The visa structure
International students that study in this country receive visa for multiple entries for the study period. US citizens can always expect making payments for visa that is valid for a year. The sum is somewhere around hundred and eight dollars. Students that are admitted to study in Indian institutions, must provide letter from host institutions, for securing student visa.
If one is making applications for tourist visa then it must be noted that visa length starts from the same day of issuance and not from entry date in India. For students that are not accepted to schools in India, provisional visa of three months is available. In the particular scenario like this, letter from host institution must confirm that the student that applied must obtain provisional visa.
Visas have to be obtained mandatorily
It is vital to note that visas from India have to be obtained before your arrival in country. Otherwise, airlines shall not let anyone check-in unless they display a visa. Also, the passports have to be valid for a minimum of six months and contain two pages that are blank, at least. This is inclusive of the visa page. Additionally one needs to submit
Financial support proof must be there because that shall be adequate for covering the stay period and tuitions in India.
Letter from the host institution that indicates that you have gained admissions (or, in the case of provisional visa that one may have applied for)
Completed form of visa application
Two photographs of passport-size.
Insurance requirements
The government of India does not require any health insurance proof for the process of gaining a visa for students. While, there are no requirements of insurance, it is recommended that you have one before coming here. Travel can bring along risks that you will want to avoid. Also, the sudden climatic change that international students can make them fall ill hence carrying visa insurance is a smart choice.
Insurance requirements based on duration of your stay
 The requirements of your insurance gets determined by the duration of how long one studies in India as well as choices and personal situations. As one reviews the insurance options in India, it is always crucial that a plan is found that covers evacuation. Moreover, the plan you buy must cover the full time duration of yours. Even without requirements of the insurance, you have to make sure that you are well covered. 

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