CBSE 2020 Regarding Subject Change

August 14, 2019

CBSE 2020 Regarding Subject Change

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released a notice on their official website saying that schools should not entertain any request for a change in subject in their secondary education classes. The board has framed Standard Operating procedures (for schools to manage the request for a subject change. 

According to the Central Board of Secondary Education class, 10th and 12th are a two-year course. Schools should counsel students so they don’t face problems in later stages and also they should counsel students into opting subjects in classes 9th and 11th from those available in school. The school must inform the students that subjects they choose need to be continued in the next classes.

Several students want to change subjects when they move to class 10th and 12th due to various reasons. As per the new rules released by CBSE for the session 2020, any request for change of subjects will be accepted before 15th July 2019. In order to streamline the process, the board has framed SOP for the purpose.

According to the Standard Operating Procedures, a parent or the student is supposed to submit an official request to school along with documents supporting the reason for the change of subject. The schools need to analyze whether the request is genuine and whether the child is unable to cope up with the class based on the performance of the student in class 9th and 11th. Schools also need to consider whether the requested subject is available in school.

Schools are directed to take all such requests and send them to the regional office of CBSE. It will be the school's responsibility to ensure that they are following the instructions. If in case it is found that instructions have not been followed, the CBSE will reject the request for which school will be held responsible.    

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