Best Strategies to Ace Data Structures and Algorithms

September 11, 2020

Best Strategies to Ace Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms or DSA is one of those subjects that sound easy in the name alone. When you enter the class for this subject, it can begin to get confusing for most students out there. However, it is important to remember that the subject is all about focusing on the best and most efficient way to carry out a process. This does not always mean the easy way as some of the most efficient algorithms are hard to program. Using the same concept, here are some of the most efficient strategies to help you master DSA this semester:

Prior Knowledge

It is always good to have some prior knowledge of the subject that you hope to study. For the case of data structures and algorithms, this can involve taking up a basic programming course in C or C++ since these are widely known as the best languages for the job. While taking up these courses, it is likely that you will also learn about some basic data structures such as arrays and linked lists, and some basic sorting and searching algorithms. This will not only help you understand the subject better, but will also make your study sessions more efficient.


It is important to know your purpose for a task before you begin it as it can help to keep your motivation levels high without making you fear the work and effort that the subject requires. For instance, if you wish to get into a job in the computer science sector, you would require knowledge of this subject in order to clear the interview alone. However, the job interview part won’t go into much details of this since you can easily learn the most common data structure problems asked in job interviews. If you hope to become good at competitive programming, you would need to go deep into the subject and learn all kinds of structures and algorithms.


The resources you posses will also have a major role in determining whether you have what it takes to master this subject or not. Time is the biggest factor here – computer time that is. Most advanced algorithms can take days to run, and sometimes this can result in disappointment when you find out that they don’t run. You should also sign up for several free or paid online courses for the subject since acing it by yourself can take a lot of time and will not be the most efficient way to do it. If you are able to, then attending a live course for the same in a local college or institution can help take you to the next level of your practice. This will also help you solve doubts, and can also provide you with powerful computers that can be faster at carrying out the algorithms.

In the end, it all comes down to your own dedication towards the subject. If you are really willing to put in the effort, you will definitely be able to ace it.

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