How to Prepare for the Board C++ Examination

September 15, 2020

How to Prepare for the Board C++ Examination

When you first begin computer science programming in a CBSE board school, you will either be taught Python or C++ as your first language. Both languages have a few similarities, but are otherwise completely different. They both have support for Object-Oriented Programming and can create customized data structures, but C++ is still a more machine-optimized language, and is much faster than Python. If you are wondering how to score well in your board exam with the C++ language, here are a few strategies that will offer you an edge:

Master the Data Types

A ton of logical errors can occur in a C++ code if one does not have a complete mastery of the data types. You need to know the values that are allowed by int, char, float, and double, and also by their long and short variants. This will ensure that your code does not lead to unpredictable garbage values and will help optimize your code for the end user.

Learn About Functions

Functions have a full chapter dedicated to them in every programming book. While they are quite useful and easy, many students aren’t able to grasp the concept behind them in their first try. The first thing you should do to understand functions is learn their syntax thoroughly. This will ensure that you don’t have to go through repeated syntax errors while using them.

You also need to master the function calls which are call by value and call by reference. Both are useful in their respective situations and can be important for scoring well in your examination. You can try out various programming problems to practice both call types.

Understand Recursion

While loops are considerable easier to understand, recursion does offer a more efficient way to run your algorithms faster. A great way to understand it is to use the phrase “to understand recursion, you have to understand recursion”. You can try practicing various popular series and algorithms with recursion and check if they become faster. This will greatly help you in scoring well.

Classes are Important

Classes and structures are quite similar during the first introduction you receive of them. However, while you may understand structures easily, classes can require a little more effort. You should learn about class hierarchy and the way inheritance works in order to proceed further. As usual, understanding the syntax is equally important.

Once you have mastered the above, you will be able to secure a good grade in your C++ Board Exam. If you want to score even higher, go ahead and try out more problems in your practice sessions and improve your coding skills.

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