Educational Institutions Re-opening: What to Expect

September 18, 2020

Educational Institutions Re-opening: What to Expect

Educational institutions across the country are allowed to be re-opened from 21st September 2020, stated by the Ministry of Health. However, changes have been imposed which make these sessions different from what we know. The changes are greater than just keeping social distance or wearing masks. Here is what to expect.

Who is allowed: Not all students are allowed on the campus since the opening. Only the students from classes 9 to 12 are allowed into the school. These students are provided with an option to attend offline classes. Schools will remain open only for those students who are facing issues with online education. For colleges, students who are enrolled in Ph.D. scholars, skill institutes, post-graduation courses that have practical aspects will be allowed to the campus in a phased manner as they re-open.

What is the method of education: None of the educational institutions have been told to enable physical teaching yet. They have to continue with the online method of education and supposedly a hybrid model is planned. The Ministry of Health asked the institutions to re-organize their academic calendars to avoid crowds. According to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the academic schedules must have a mixture of regular classes and online assignments or teaching.

What can be openly accessed: The shared areas on the campuses will not be accessible at all times. Although the laboratories will stay open, the equipments will be stalled at six feet distance from one another. The gymnasiums will open with limited capacities, however, the swimming pools will remain closed. At schools, morning assemblies are not allowed. It is also prohibited to share objects among students themselves or with teachers. 

Which educational institutions will open: The educational institutions which are not in containment zones are allowed to operate, according to the rules set by the government. Any student, teacher, or employee that resides within containment zones is not permitted to enter the campuses. Also, employees having higher chances of being infected like pregnant women, elderly people or people already having some disease must not be asked to enter the campus.

How to open the campus: Each and every part of the campus must undergo thorough cleaning before they are re-opened, especially areas which had been COVID centers. Institutions are needed to clean campuses with solutions that contain one percent sodium hypochlorite. Schools and colleges re-opening are asked to keep a stock of masks, face covers, hand sanitizers, visors, etc as personal protection backup. Transactions with cash should be avoided and e-wallets are to be promoted on the campuses.

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