Best Study Habits for College Students | My Next Exam

September 10, 2020

Best Study Habits for College Students | My Next Exam

During the age of information, studying has become much easier for college students, however it has also simultaneously increased the number of distractions that they have to deal with on a daily basis. To overcome this situation, it is important for the students to develop good study habits. Whether you are just entering your first semester, or are about to graduate in a few months, using these study strategies and habits will significantly help you to improve your score and GPA in college:

Make Good Notes to Get Good Grades

There is a big correlation between making good notes and getting good grades that simply cannot be ignored. However, the ability to take good notes does not come by default to everyone. You must train yourself to record the key concepts of the lecture or the topic that you are studying without actually writing down too much information that makes it difficult to read. If you are worried that you might be missing out on important details, it is a good idea to check out free courses relating to note-making on various websites. This will help you to gain the skills required to make perfectly legible notes in every class.

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Keep Yourself Organized

Staying organized is especially important when you need to avoid distractions while studying. You need to ensure that your electronic gadgets are turned off unless you absolutely need them for studying. This will help prevent you from going down an Instagram rabbit hole of memes during your study sessions. Keeping your desk organized and neat will also help you to focus better on the subject at hand and be more productive during your classes as well. If you are studying remotely, keeping your desk clean is not just an option anymore as it is likely to be visible to your entire class. You can purchase various equipment such as pen stands and cable clutches to keep everything tidy.

Take Short Breaks

As much as it is important to study with focus, taking breaks regularly will ensure that you don’t tire your brain out too quickly. You can do this by taking a short walk after finishing an exercise, or stretching after a reading session. It is important to not do any distracting activities during your breaks as this would cause you to lose your focus and give into the distraction. The same goes for the duration of your break as it should not exceed 15 minutes, and that too for really long study sessions. Staying dedicated with short breaks that involve exercising will train your focus as well as keep you physically fit.

Avoid Bunking

While bunking sounds fun and has a big air of peer pressure around it, missing out on your lectures can negatively affect your performance in that class and also cause you to lose precious attendance for the day. This could pose a huge risk to your career especially if your college doesn’t allow you to give exams without meeting the required attendance ratio. So, it’s best to keep the safe days aside for sick days or actually fun trips out of town and attend your class regularly. This may initially cause a misunderstanding between your peer group, however staying true to your values will earn you their respect.

These study strategies are extremely beneficial for college students who have just begun their first semester, but can also be applied to the ones about to graduate. Following them will help you ensure a good life at campus, and a bright career afterwards.

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