How to Ace NBCOT Exam with Ease

July 28, 2020

How to Ace NBCOT Exam with Ease

The National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) is a national nonprofit organization that provides certification in occupational therapists like fields holding credentials to become an official. Preparing for the NBCOT exam is time-consuming, and it requires full commitment and determination. The time has come to face the ultimate challenge after making all the efforts and hard work in classes, by taking the tests that will determine a student’s career direction. The goals set a student can be achieved easily with the tips and techniques listed below for the preparation of the NBCOT Exam: 

1. Finding a Study Place: To study effectively for the NBCOT exam, it will require implementing several strategies in daily life. Thus, for maintaining a study schedule, it is necessary to find a place that is quiet and peaceful to be a study room. It is recommended that students find a place where they can study with all the required aides nearby; the importance of breaks should also be realized in order to make the best use of the time allotted to studies. Studying in different locations trains the brain to work effectively, and encourages brain function and retention of information for a long time. A study place should be clean and tidy, where students can study with peace of mind and there should be no elements of disturbance which can disrupt the sitting time of the student, such a place is ideal for studying for long durations with taking proper break intervals in between. Utilizing every aspect related to increasing efficiency will help in truly preparing for facing the exam and will make the burden less to ace in the exam

2. Keeping Calm and Focused: It is evident to face anxiety issues and stress while preparing for any exam, it can happen with anyone. Developing anxiety can cause stress, worry, and students can overburden themselves which will eventually lead to loss of confidence even after preparing well for a long time. Anxiety connected with taking the NBCOT exam is normal since it is a tough exam but students should understand that keeping their minds off the distress and solely focusing on preparing for the exam will help them in gathering knowledge and ace it with flying colors. Things that alleviate anxiety are listening to music, going for a walk, breathing, and thinking about the positive aspects of their preparation. Appearing for mock tests is a good escape from facing anxiety, as it will help students to prepare against several aspects of exam pressure beforehand only. Implementing the lessons in the study routine will help in gaining confidence, also students can study in groups and help each other in understanding different concepts better with time by sharing concerns and building a positive mindset towards acing the NBCOT exam

3. Covering Syllabus on Time: Students face anxiety and stress due to the vast course to cover under limited time, also facing the exam under time constraints and fear of scoring less. The course of the NBCOT exam is multidimensional, thus it is beneficial if students implement different strategies and come up with study schedules that break down the content into digestible sections that can be remembered for a longer time period. Students should figure out the contents of the syllabus beforehand only, and they must rely on a study planner for deliberately giving time to understand each topic. It is recommended that students cover most of the course before the exam date, to lighten up the mood, and be confident about appearing for the exam. The boosted confidence will help the students to perform well in the exam, and with the increased performance, they can score well and end up acing the NBCOT exam

There are several other ways too other than the mentioned above to ace any exam with ease, so in order to prepare well for the exam, students must keep these tips and techniques in mind to outperform their competitors. Doing well on an exam is so much meaning for the future, as it will reap benefits in the long run since aspirants will learn how to face difficulties in life and implement the strategies they have learned by passing the exam in daily life.

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