How to become a successful animator?

November 18, 2021

How to become a successful animator?

How to become a successful animator?

Before going ahead with recommending ways to become a successful animator, first, let’s understand who is an animator?

Who is an Animator?

An animator is a creative professional who visualizes and stitches together the static plain images, inanimate objects like digital or hand-drawn pictures, computer graphics, etc into frames, which are then used to give a dramatic motion sequence using computer tools. These sequences are used for films, cartoons, advertisements, computer games, website animations, TV shows, mobile applications, etc. 

The steps involved in creating animations are:

·        Directors and producers work to generate ideas and generally plan the project

·        Pre-production stage where the script or idea is translated into a visual format, storyboard by the storyboard artists. Layout artists then create a shot-by-shot look of the entire story.

·        In the production phase, animators add movement and personality, using the storyboard or stop-frame animation as their base. 

·        Digital painters then add colours to it. 

·        Finally, the various layers of animation are joined together. 

·        Light, texture, and soundtrack are then incorporated to give it a feel of reality. 

Depending on the scale of the project, multiple animation teams can be working on various stages of production.

Steps to becoming a successful animator:

·        Study Animation course: Successful animators should know the nuances of Animation, its ins, and outs, various types. He must have a piece of holistic knowledge and competencies in technology, techniques, software, 2D and 3D graphics, simulation and modelling, etc. And he can do so by doing the “Animation & VFX Communication Design course” that is being offered by different colleges. 

In addition to doing the animation course, you must gain exposure and training through internships, participation in live projects, practical training in a well-equipped studio, and interaction with industry experts. 

·        Be dedicated and passionate about developing your skills: Besides learning animation, students must develop acting and observational skills in order to understand body language, expressions, and movements. This will help in recreating specific emotions, qualities, and personalities while building characters.

In addition, the key to being relevant is to always keep abreast of the latest development and upgrade yourself by learning new software, techniques, and tools, etc.

·        Ability to work in teams: Animation projects require collaborations not only within your team but also between different departments. You should be able to work as a team member and should be open to taking critiques as well as managing feedback. In fact, you should always be ready to improve and learn new techniques.

·        Stellar portfolio and demo reel: You must have an updated strong portfolio showcasing your sample work in the online space. You should only share your best work and your project goals. Your contact details along with interests, qualifications, and background must also be mentioned in your portfolio.

·        Gain a variety of work experience: After graduating in Animation courses from Bangalore and securing a job, where you work as an entry-level professional, volunteer to do extra work. Not only that be open to doing freelance work. This will not only enhance your learning, skills, and work experience but also help you network with professionals.


Why Animation courses in Bangalore?

1.      Being the hub of the Kannada film industry, Bangalore has huge potential for Graphic Animation & VFX artists.

2.      Bangalore, being the Silicon Valley of India, has lots of IT companies and gaming startups. Apart from this, lots of e-commerce firms and MNCs, which present immense opportunities in terms of advertisements, web & product animations and gaming characterizations, etc.


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