Where To Get An MBA: Top 10 Study Destinations Across The Globe

December 31, 2021

Where To Get An MBA: Top 10 Study Destinations Across The Globe


MBA is a very important stage in one's life. For some of us, it’s a master’s degree that will help us pace up our careers and attract better packages and opportunities. For others, if you feel stuck in your current field and want to switch to something else or start fresh then consider going for an MBA. In any case, going for an MBA and choosing the place and college of pursuing it is very important and one has to keep in mind a lot of factors before coming to a final decision. 

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In case you are planning to do your MBA outside your native place then the list of factors to be considered increases a bit more. The broad parameters which you should definitely consider if you plan to do an MBA abroad are what are the specialization topics which will be covered, the network opportunities, return on investments, and finances. 

10 most highly coveted destinations for prospective Business Students are:


The home ground for the world’s top university offering MBA. In fact, the USA is the home of originating the industry-relevant curriculum MBA. 

MBA quality provided by renowned universities in the USA is considered Number 1 in the whole world. In most of the universities in the country, the program is of 2 Years residential base with compulsory internships and summer projects. The United States is also the home for some of the world’s top companies and markets which makes good networking in the country extremely important and effective. The people applying have to only care about the visa policy and policies to stay in the country after the course is completed to check on work availability. It is really important to secure your stay in the country to work and move freely and also earn a sufficient amount to fund your stay.


The kingdom is considered an important world Financial Center. It is one of the most attractive destinations for prospective students who are looking for an MBA. The country is home to some of the world’s finest business schools around the globe. The stay and work policies are also student-friendly. The only point that might pinch you is the living and education expenses. Rest all seems good with numerous courses and job opportunities in the country.


Canada also makes a great home for MBA students. It ranks 3 in terms of global destination and is home to TOP 6 of the top 100 universities in the world. The people in Canada are extremely welcoming and they also have easy permanent residence facilities. In case you want to permanently settle down then Canada is a great choice. The place will provide you with one of the world’s best employment and human resource system. The place also has a wide variety of internship opportunities to support student expenses. The thing which might affect you is the extremely harsh weather conditions in the country for over 8-9 months.


Australia is a very popular destination for students when it comes to undergraduates and now also an upcoming destination for MBAs. The country is coming up because it’s an English-speaking land that offers a great space for entrepreneurs and job seekers, has a great lifestyle and resources for industrial development. The country is now also boasting a number of highly ranked business schools.

There are a lot of government-run schemes between Australia and India which can aid your education in the country.


France is one of the first countries in Europe to offer an MBA program. It is now the home of some of the top MBA programs and schools. It is also one of the most lucrative destinations for students who are seeking opportunities to study abroad because of flexible work policy, great climate, top program, being the finance and business hub of Europe, and a plethora of business opportunities in the country. The country also allows you to work anywhere in the European Union and has easy trade and business policies.


Germany is the global hub for innovations, automobiles, and electricals. It is one of the strongest of all world economies and has a great political environment. The country is very student-friendly and has multiple long-term student programs which make your studying and working in the country cost-effective and friendly. Being more in the manufacturing front the country has a sufficient demand in the job market and has been a great place for networking. 


Singapore is the costliest in terms of living expenses but is a great destination for MBAs to study and stay back. The country is the business and innovation hub of southeast Asia. It is one of the most popular destinations in terms of foreign investments. We can also call it an innovation hub as it’s the home ground for many billion-dollar startups. The country has numerous job opportunities and is a great place for students


The country is a hub for business, being home to companies including Unilever, Shell, and KLM and the continent’s largest port, the Port of Rotterdam. Additionally, the Netherlands is a particularly entrepreneurial nation, with one of the highest percentages of startups in Europe.


Switzerland is known globally as a financial institution, with both Zurich and Geneva among the world’s top 20 centers for finance according to the Global Financial Centres Index. It also houses the headquarters for many of the most powerful companies in the world, including Nestlé, the Zurich Insurance Group, and Credit Suisse.


Spain remains a popular MBA destination for students all around the world, it’s particularly favored by students hailing from Latin America. Or indeed by students wishing to work within a Spanish-speaking nation or region after graduation.

Many of Spain’s cities are significant financial hubs, including Barcelona, currently the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from this, the rich culture on offer is a draw in itself, with many artists, musicians, and athletes hailing from the country.

By Shirin Tarachandani

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