Ways To Prepare For Civil Service Exam In India

December 24, 2021

Ways To Prepare For Civil Service Exam In India


The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the most esteemed and toughest examinations in India. The All India Examination is conducted in three stages: the preliminary, the Main Exam and the interview. This article shall provide you with ways and tips for preparing for the Civil Service Examinations and cracking them with confidence and vigour.


·        Preparing a suitable timetable:  Analysing one’s status before their examination and planning schedules accordingly. Last-minute preparations will never work for the Civil Service Exams. Since the exams take place every year, there is plenty of time to plan accordingly for certain subjects. Early preparations and decisive methods shall help one to eventually and steadily win the race and crack the exam.

·        Vigorous study and revision should me made a part of succeeding in the exams: To avoid mugging up the vast syllabus in the last minute, one should plan their study methods in such a way where one should be able to read and revise the allotted subjects in order to feel confident while appearing in the exam.

·        Writing down notes: Making quick notes while going through the subjects and their syllabus would help one to revise and develop better understanding of the concerned provided topics. One should be mentally prepared and focused to attend the exam, since if not focused then it would be difficult for them to crack the exam.

·        Putting stress on basic concepts: An aspirant should have practical knowledge about his surroundings. One should be well aware about the country and its significant developments. Be prepared in such a way where profound knowledge, language and one’s ability can inevitably help one in succeeding in their examinations.

·        Update yourself with daily current affairs: An aspirant shall be updating themselves on a daily basis, also keeping knowledge about international events and other updates relating to one’s own village, district, state and country, this shall help one in serving one’s country very well.

·        Practising previous years' question papers: Solving previous years' question papers is very important. Applicants shall practice at least 5 years solved question papers to have an idea about the structure of the question papers and what kind of questions can be asked in the upcoming exam to be held.

·        Developing a habit of reading newspapers: Reading English and other regional language newspapers is advised with a lot of emphasis. It is advised in order to be well informed rather than acquiring limited knowledge.

·        Focusing on one’s personality and developing communication skills: Interview is one of the most important parts of the examination. It is important to convey one’s thoughts clearly to the interviewers. Therefore, candidates are often advised on concentrating their polishing skills and body language.

·        Being honest to oneself: The candidate’s have to answer all the questions from their heart with utmost honesty. While appearing in all the three stages of the examination, one must be true and honest enough to get through the stages of the exam, especially the interview where candidates are strictly advised not to lie about their hobbies just to get through the exam.  One must have the courage to face the exam and interview honestly.

By Tunisha Banerjee

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