Mumbai School Heads Ask For Reduction In Syllabus

February 25, 2021

Mumbai School Heads Ask For Reduction In Syllabus

Covid 19 has disrupted the flow of education across the country. On January 11, a letter was written by the association stating that the physical classroom sessions are not yet resumed for classes 10th and 12th. It even declared that the Board reduced 25% of the syllabus, and still, it is impossible to complete the rest 75% of the syllabus in the remaining session. Therefore the Mumbai Association of Heads of Secondary (Higher Secondary) Schools (MAHSS) asked for further reduction in the syllabus. Officials in the education department and some parents are not in support of this process.

Prashant Redij, secretary of MAHSS, said, “Even though online lectures are going on, still many students are not able to join them regularly. The teachers can’t ensure that every student has understood the concept. Therefore they will have to teach again in the offline sessions. It is difficult to teach and revise the whole syllabus in such a short while." This could affect the passing percentage of the students. The principals and education ministers are still discussing and settling down to a conclusion.  Class 10th examination of SSC will be held after May 1, and Class 12th HSC examination will be held after April 15.

J Mohanty, principal of DPS, said that teachers were ready to take the sample tests for pre boards online, but they awaited the guidelines from the government and consent from the parents. Parents were further concerned about the practicals, which are scheduled to be held in March. As per Arundhati Chavan, head of Parent-Teacher Association United Forum of Maharashtra, parents are willing to send their students after assuring that the schools are taking all the required precautions.

By Swaranshi Chhabra 

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