School Principals Oppose Postponing CBSE Board Exams

November 03, 2020

School Principals Oppose Postponing CBSE Board Exams

School principals all across the nation, especially New Delhi have been vocal about their opposition to the postponing of the CBSE board exams next year. This decision was made by the board as per the continued closure of various schools due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The principals have been stating that this decision would affect the schedule of higher education entrance exams, and even the admission process. 

Last month, the Delhi Government sent a notice to the CBSE board to avoid conducting next year’s board examinations before May and also reduce the syllabus as the schools are going to continue remaining closed due to the pandemic. The Deputy CM of Delhi also had a meeting regarding the same with the Union Education Minister.

Principals have found to be saying that postponing the exams would result in some serious repercussions for the students as this remote learning would not be the same as learning in the classroom.

While the decision of reponing schools after the 15th of October has been left with the State Governments, the Delhi government has decided to play it safe and keep schools closed until a cure or vaccine for the pandemic is found.

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