Should Universities Consider Conducting Physical Classes In Shifts?

March 26, 2021

Should Universities Consider Conducting Physical Classes In Shifts?

Inviting all the students to the campus premises can lead to health difficulties during this pandemic time. The possible solution is to open up the campuses and make sure students attend the classes in shifts. The students need to follow the COVID-19 rules and regulations strictly. The virus has not left the world yet, and it can still spread widely once the classes resume. The campus areas will not be able to provide much infrastructure, therefore social distancing can become a bit difficult.


Local Situation needs to be taken into account

As per the circular delivered by Maharashtra Government, the final decision related to the reopening of classroom teachings should be taken by the universities, that too after discussing with the local disaster management and health authorities, and other decision-making executive bodies. Additionally, Vice-Chancellor should talk to the teaching communities about the idea of resuming classes and make sure they are comfortable. The VC needs to take care of the pandemic related SOPs as well. Though the covid cases are less as compared to the past months, it is not over yet. The final decision should be taken after considering all the above-mentioned points, the situation should be analyzed accurately and travel facilities should be provided to both teachers and students.


Offline classes motivate collaborative learning 

This idea of teaching in shifts should cover the gap created due to online studies. Online learning does provide various benefits, such as flexibility, wide choices, is economical, and motivates collaborative learning. The idea of collaborative learning encourages self-awareness and teaches them to learn things on their own. 


The blended model is appropriate

Including both online and offline modes can be an effective option. This will help the students to learn individually irrespective of the geographical boundaries and offers them an opportunity to interact in offline classes. Blending both the modes of education in alternate working days can be an appropriate option.

By Swaranshi Chhabra

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