The New Emerging Disciplines In Engineering

March 23, 2021

The New Emerging Disciplines In Engineering

With the boom in the field of technology and innovation, ranging from Artificial Intelligence,  Automation, Automotive Technology, IoT, 5G, Aerospace, and Cybersecurity, the scope for Engineering in these fields has grown by leaps and bounds. 


With so many options to choose from, coming down to the right one is not easy. To figure out which engineering option to pick, the students need to identify what field they’re passionate about. Keeping this in mind the institution should be chosen. Another essential point while choosing an engineering domain a student must be aware of or do research of the international and regional career probabilities for the selected specialization.


This era is led by technology as the world is continuously moving towards new technology and human life is increasingly becoming technology-dependent. Every field of engineering focuses more on problem-solving technologies for the future that can benefit the users. From healthcare to education, technology is everywhere and is driving everyone it comes in touch with to learn different things at every corner.


Whether it be the switch of 4G to 5G communication technology for high data transmission speeds, advanced robotics technology that is replacing repetitive human job, calculating the current COVID-19 cases, digital transactions which are happening from micro to the large scale sector, technology evolution can be seen everywhere empowering humans to move beyond normal tasks and use their skills more effectively. 


In such an evolving scenario, experts say that data and skillsets are the key points that will drive the future towards progress in the coming years. The value of data and its preservation is becoming more important with time, wider bandwidth for effective communication is another core research field, transmitting maximum data with the lowest possible bandwidth with added security is the end goal nowadays.


Drone monitoring for traffic, police functions, surveillance, border security, health updates utilizing IoT and smart devices, virtual reality for education and work are ongoing technologies that have a magnificent scope in the future. All of these demands advanced and modernized engineering skills, turning into a wide range of career choices for engineers than ever before. The scope for hardware design fields like VLSI design,  Power Industry applications, Embedded Systems, and IoT also holds immense potential for future engineers.

By Usha Saha

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