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AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Notification, Exam Dates, Admit Card, Exam Pattern, Counselling

AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020
Admission Over

AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Exam - Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Exam Pattern

Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam for M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 or AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 is the entrance examination for admission to M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation). AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 is conducted by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) for the year 2020 has been announced by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and will be held on 02/11/2020. The application forms will be available from 14/08/2020 till 20/10/2020. The exam is in written mode. The duration of the exam will be 120 minutes. It is being conducted in English language. The result date will be announced later.

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AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Conducting Body

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualifications:

The Minimum Academic Qualifications for AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 required are passed or are appearing in B.Tech./B.E. in  Mechanical Engg. / Electronics Engg. / Electrical Engg. / Computer Engineering / Production Engg. / Industrial Engg. / Automobile Engg / Robotics Engg. / Instrumentation and Control Engg / Aerospace Engg. / Aeronautical Engg. from a recognized University or Board with not less than 60% marks in theory subjects in aggregate.

Qualifying marks:

The qualifying marks in B.Tech./B.E. for each category are as follows:

All Categories60%

AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Important Dates

Events Start Date Last Date
Application Form 14/08/2020 20/10/2020
AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Exam Date Offline Dates
  • 02/11/2020
  • To get all details about AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Download Brochure

    AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Prospectus

    Link: View/Download

    More Information

    Scheduled Start of Exam: 03:00 PM

    Test Centre Details

    The information of the Test centre allocated is provided along with admit card.

    • It includes the address of the centre.

    • One should locate the center on Google Maps.

    • It is a good practice and strongly advised to visit the centre one day before to know about the time taken to reach the centre. By doing so one can reach well in time on the examination day. It prevents wastage of time trying to locate the centre and thus avoids the stress created, if the centre is not easy to find.

    AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Application Form

    Application Form Fee

    Without Late Fee300/-.
    With Late Fee800/-.

    Application Form Filling Instructions

    Students applying for the AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 have to fill up the application form on the official site.

    A student can submit the application for only once; multiple forms will be rejected.

    The submission is ONLINE only.

    Requirements to be readied before you start filling up the Application Form of AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020

    • PC or a Laptop with Internet connectivity
    • Qualification details
    • Scanned copy of passport photograph in JPG or JPEG format (size between 20 kb – 100 kb) Scanned copy of signature in JPG or JPEG format (size between 20 kb – 100 kb).
    • Functional e-mail Id as all communication are made through email; Parents email id is recommended.
    • Mobile number as all information is sent through SMS too. Parents phone number can be used.
    • For online payments, usually a valid debit or credit card as well as Net Banking facility, UPI or PAYTM Service is a must.
    • It is recommended to download the information Bulletin Brochure and read it carefully so that you understand various requirements to fill-up the form.

    The Usual Steps in filling up the Online Application Form of the AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020

    • Step-1: Students have to registered for Online Application Form. Login and Password are created.
    • Step-2: Student has to Complete the Application Form and its various sections
    • Step-3: Required documents in the form of Scanned Images of Candidate’s Photograph, Candidate’s Signature and Left Thumb Impression.
    • Step-4: Payments have to be made by Debit / Credit Card / Net Banking.

    More Information

    AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Syllabus

    LINEAR ALGEBRA : Matrix algebra, systems of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
    CALCULUS: Functions of single variable, limit, continuity, and differentiability, mean value theorems, indeterminate forms; evaluation of definite and improper integrals; double and triple integrals; partial derivatives, total derivative, Taylor series (in one and two variables), maxima and minima, Fourier series;
    DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS: First order equations (linear and nonlinear); higher-order linear differential equations with constant coefficients; Euler-Cauchy equation; initial and boundary value problems; Laplace transforms;
    COMPLEX VARIABLES: Analytic functions; Cauchy-Riemann equations; Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula; Taylor and Laurent series.
    NUMERICAL METHODS: Numerical solutions of linear and non-linear algebraic equations; integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules; single and multi-step methods of differential equations.
    PROGRAMMING IN C: Datatypes, Operators, Arrays, functions and Standard Library functions, File I / O, Loops and Logical Constructs, Recursion.
    ENGINEERING MECHANICS: Statics of Particles, Rigid bodies, and their equilibrium, Friction (wedges and screw), Kinematics of particle and rigid bodies (general plane motion), Kinetics of particle and rigid bodies (Newtonian mechanics, energy, and momentum methods).
    STRENGTH OF MATERIAL: Stresses and strains (Generalized Hooke’s law, Elastic Moduli), Principal stresses and strains, Strain energy, Shear force and bending moment in determinate beams, Deflection of beams, Torsion of Shafts and springs.
    INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASURE: GENERAL CONCEPTS: Instrumentation, measurement, methods and modes of measurement, Instruments – Classification and functional elements of a measure system. Static performance characteristics, errors and uncertainties, propagation of uncertainities, performance parameters, Impedance: Loading and Matching. Graphical representation and curve fitting of data – Equations of approximating curves. Determination of parameters in linear relationship. Method of least square and linear least square curve fitting. Related Numerical problems.
    DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS OF INSTRUMENTS: Dynamic inputs, formulation of system equations, Dynamic Response. Transducer Elements. Intermediate Elements – Amplifiers, AD and D-A converters, filters, Terminology and conversions, Data Transmission Elements, Related Numerical Problems.
    MEASUREMENTS: Methods and Applications – Force Measurement, Torque and power Measurements, Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurement: - Non-electrical, electrical and Radiation Methods of Temperature Measurement, Flow measurement – Primary, Secondary and special Methods of flow Measurement, Measurement of liquid Level, Biometrics and Air pollution parameters.


    • Linear Algebra 
    • Calculus
    • Differential Equations
    • Complex Variables
    • Numerical Methods
    • Programming In C
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Strength Of Material
    • Instrumentation And Measure
    • Dynamic Characteristics Of Instruments
    • Measurements

    Syllabus Link: View/Download

    AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Exam Day Instructions

    Offline Dates

    • 02/11/2020

    Examination Day Instructions

    Preparation for the Exam Day
    • The Admit card should be collected from the Form handling Office before the exam.
    • A few copies of the Admit Card should be kept in reserve as these are also used at the time of admission and counseling.
    • Photo to be fixed on the admit card, if required
    •  Documents to be taken to the Exam center should be kept ready.
    • Copy of the photo may be required to be taken to the Test Centre.
    • Stationary related articles as mentioned should be kept ready.
    •  Dress related details will also be provided in the prospectus as well as with the admit card and should be followed.
    • Items not to be taken to the Exam centre or barred should be noted
    Before entering the Exam Centre
    • Try to reach the exam centre one hour prior to the time advised in the admit card.
    • Before leaving for the site, please have a hearty breakfast or light lunch depending on the session. Drink plenty of fluids; as in summers dehydration can set in affecting your performance in the exam.
    • Have a cookie or a chocolate just before entering the centre; this prevents hypoglycaemia and thus helps you stay alert longer improving your results.
    • If it is a busy centre, then don’t wait till last for the entry and security check.
    • Centre will not allow you to enter after the stipulated time of closing the doors.
    • Admission to the Exam Centre is with the Admit Card; no candidates shall be admitted to the test without the production of the Admit Card at the Test Centre.
    • Handbag / Carry bag/ Mobile phone / calculator /watch/any other electronic gadget or any paper (other than the Admit Card) shall not be allowed inside the Test Hall/Room and the University shall not be responsible for its safekeeping. If a candidate is found in possession of any such item during the Test, he/she would be deemed to have used unfair means and may lead to cancellation of his/her candidature
    • Eatables/Beverages (except drinking water) are not allowed inside the Test Hall/Room
    • No communication equipment such as mobile phones / pager/ wireless set, scanner, camera or any such electronic / digital gadget etc are allowed in the exam centre; carrying one will lead to disqualification.
    • Candidates are required to bring their own Stationary Items required to attempt the Test

    After entering the centre

    • Once candidates enter the centre, they should locate their designated hall and seat.andnbsp;
    • If mentioned, candidates will be hand frisked as well as photographed or video graphed before entering the center
    • Candidates should use only Ball Point Pen (black/blue) for making entries in the Question booklet and the Answer Sheet/Booklet.andnbsp;
    • After all the formalities, candidates should enter the allotted hall and take the designated seat.
    • No candidate will be permitted to enter the Test Centre/Hall/Room 15 minutes after the scheduled commencement of the Test..
    • For Objective Type question papers, rough work is to be done in the space provided for this purpose. No rough work is allowed on the OMR Answer Sheet under any situation.
    • Questions have to be answered on the answer sheet only.
    • Copying, use of unfair means of any kind, talking, asking questions from other candidates or borrowing of material inside the Test Centre is strictly prohibited.
    • The candidates are to return their OMR answer-sheets and the question paper in full to the Centre Superintendent. Tearing or taking away of the question paper is not allowed failing which the candidates shall be disqualified from the entire Entrance Test.
    • Misbehavior of any kind can lead to expulsion of the candidate.
    • Caught copying helping in copying will mean cancellation of the answer sheet/cancellation of the candidature.
    • Marking the answer sheet or question paper in any way will also lead to cancellation of the exam for that candidate.
    To get all details about AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Download Brochure

    AMU Entrance Exam M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation) 2020 Results

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