Private Schools might receive fewer enrollments in 2021

January 08, 2021

Private Schools might receive fewer enrollments in 2021

Covid 19 has imbalanced the education system of the world. The offline classroom concept that has been running on forever has graduated to the online mode of teaching. More than 80% of parents complained that students could not attend the online classes during this lockdown. This has happened because they did not have digital devices or were not able to access the e-learning. Teachers would send the lesson links to the students over WhatsApp, but only a few had a chance to access those links. Out of those few, only a small percentage of students were able to understand the lessons, this is what has been concluded through a survey of students and teachers.

 According to UNICEF, at least 463 million students globally were unable to access learning.

 Many surveys have been conducted to discover new ways to compensate for the loss of education in 2020. Therefore experts predicted a drop in private school enrollments and a rise in government school enrollments in 2021. The pandemic has badly affected the incomes of people across India, and most of the people would be willing to save money despite spending it on private schools. A government survey in 2018-19 stated that there are around 3,00,000 private schools in India that are teaching 33% of students. An average cost per student in a private school is around Rs.10,000 in rural and Rs.20,000  in urban areas. For government schools, parents need to pay an average fee of around Rs.1100 in rural areas and around Rs.2500 in urban areas. 

Author: Swaranshi Chhabra

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